Streetcar Tracks Pose Danger of a Road Hazard Crash to Bicyclists

Portland is allegedly one of the most bike-friendly cities in the entire country, but streetcar tracks—even brand new ones—can pose a real danger of road hazard crashes for cyclists, according to local personal injury attorneys. Other road perils can also lead to a road hazard crash, and the question increasingly being asked by cyclists is […]

Recovering Emotionally and Psychologically After a Car Accident

When Oregon motorists have been involved in a serious car accident, they often find that recovering from trauma at an emotional level is every bit as difficult, or even more so, than getting over the physical damage caused to them in the crash. They are often surprised to discover that even if they feel relatively […]

Number of Oregon Farm Injuries Have Decreased

Oregon farm worker injury lawyers have noted a sharp decline in the number of accidents on farms, and particularly those involving the under-20 age group. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released figures to show the number of young workers injured in farm accidents has fallen again, and experts believe the increased focus on […]

Remember: Sometimes Auto Injuries Take a Few Days to Show

When people are injured in any kind of serious accident, they’re normally relieved just to find they’re still alive. Oregon serious injury lawyers, however, have warned accident victims to be on the look-out for damage that may take a few days after the accident to become obvious. A classic example of this occurred last March, […]

Portland Head Injury Attorney Concerned By Number of Sports’ Injuries

Sports are an integral part of American life, but a Portland head injury attorney recently expressed fears at the high number of sports-related head injuries occurring at all levels of various sports. From the very young right up to and including professional sportsmen using the best of protective equipment, tens of thousands of athletes are […]

Portland Car Attorneys Spotlight 10 Worst Vehicles for 2011

You’ve seen all the commercials telling you how great this SUV is, or how driving that sporty little hatchback will change your life, but a Portland car attorney is looking at things from a different angle. While every Detroit manufacturer wants you to think they produce the best vehicle, please see below a compilation of […]

Portland Drunk Driver Attorney Welcomes New Ignition Interlocks Law

Drunk drivers kill literally thousands of people each year in the United States, and Oregon has seen its fair share of this type of tragedy, but steps to curb the likelihood of this happening on Oregon roads in the future have been welcomed by a Portland drunk driver attorney. Both the Senate and the state […]

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Portland Welcome New Airbag Innovation

Portland pedestrian injury lawyers have welcomed the launch of what must be considered one of the most innovating safety devices to come along in quite awhile. It seems like airbags have been around forever, when in fact they were only introduced in 1987. Now, they are standard equipment on all new cars, and it sometimes […]