Is your attorney available to meet with you personally?

Is your attorney available to meet with you personally?

Surprisingly, some personal injury attorneys don’t make themselves available to meet with their clients and only send out their liaisons to collect your information. Generally this means that they are not invested in your case and that you will not receive the best representation possible. At our firm, we care about our clients. We care […]

Do Personal Injury Lawsuits Make the World Safer?

Personal injury lawsuits are supposed to serve several different purposes: They’re supposed to compensate someone who was injured due to another person’s carelessness. They’re supposed to make the person who actually caused a loss to pay for that loss. They’re supposed to help prevent injuries from resulting in bankruptcy, if the injury was not your […]

Two More Lawsuits Filed Against Mid-Columbia Medical Center

Portland, OR (July 25, 2013) – The personal injury law firm Shulman DuBois LLC filed two lawsuits on Monday against the Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles, where Dr. Frederick George Field worked as an anesthesiologist. Attorney Sean DuBois is seeking $8 million in damages on behalf of his clients, two of the victims. “Both […]

Broadway Cab Company Under Fire Again

Portland, OR – On April 25th, the Portland personal injury firm of Shulman DuBois LLC filed a lawsuit with the Multnomah County Court against Broadway Cab for injuries incurred by Jeremiah Jumel in April of 2012. This is the second time recently that a Broadway Cab driver has come under fire for failing to obey […]

Oregon Accident Law Firm Weighs in On NASCAR Lawsuits

Even if you are not a NASCAR fan, and even if you missed last weekend’s major race and the hype surrounding it, you couldn’t possibly have missed the news coverage of the Daytona 500 this year. Just in case you did: a crash occurred at the Daytona International Speedway during the 2013 Daytona 500.  A […]

Current Accident Statistics from a Portland Traffic Accident Lawyer

While it has become apparent that over time the number of accidents on America’s roadways is decreasing, there are still an exorbitant amount of road traffic accidents taking place on the highways and byways stretching across the country.  In reality there are, on average, somewhere upwards of six million vehicle accidents on the roads of […]

What is a Contingency Fee for Personal Injury Claims?

After you have been involved in an accident or have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you have a lot to think about.  You will be concerned about your medical treatment first and foremost.  You may also be concerned about your family and how your injury will affect them and the quality of […]

Hire an Attorney From a Reputable Oregon Law Firm

When you or a member of your family have been involved in an accident that was caused by someone else, there’s a good chance that you have been injured, lost wages due to that injury, incurred medical bills because of the injury, or have experienced massive damages to your vehicle.  If this sounds like something […]