Should I expect to receive payment for what I’m enduring as a victim of an accident?
Should I sign the information releases that the insurance adjuster gave me?

Should I sign the information releases that the insurance adjuster gave me?

It is very important that you do not sign any release forms that you received from an insurance adjuster without first talking to an attorney. Remember that the insurance adjuster’s main goal is to keep the payments they make to accident victims like you as small as possible. That’s why we are here for you—to […]

Oregon Dog Bite Lawyer: One Bite Rule

Whenever someone gets bitten by a dog that has an owner, there is usually a process which needs to occur. Since the chances are good that an Oregon dog bite lawyer won’t be there with you if it occurs, you’ll need to understand a few laws yourself. In this article, we are going to teach […]

National and Oregon Dog Bite Claims Increasing

“Dog Bites Man” is not a headline news story anyone would expect to see, but dog bite claims are reaching levels that could certainly attract people’s attention. What’s more, the number of claims and the amounts being paid out are increasing at quite dramatic rates. While Oregon dog bite claims don’t go anywhere near the […]

Most Dangerous Dog Breeds, from Portland Dog Bite Attorneys

By and large, Oregon dog owners know that keeping their pets under control is one of the most basic and key responsibilities they face. In spite of this, our Portland dog bite lawyers are asked every year to represent clients who have been savagely bitten and seriously injured by someone else’s dog. The dogs that […]

Four-Pound Attack Dachshund? Appeals Court Rules No

Animal assaults are a tricky area of the law, and it is one often subject to litigation. Can you sue if you become injured while fleeing from a pursuant dog? If so, who can be sued, and do specifics of the dog have any bearing on the case? Here’s an interesting example of a complex […]