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Our Motto: Fewer Cases. Better Results.

We love our work. This passion makes us better Oregon personal injury lawyers. In our line of work, there are considerable differences in how lawyers approach their workload. For instance, there are many law firms that take on hundreds, if not thousands of low-value cases, then there are lawyers who focus their time only on a few high-value cases. We are the latter, and we have very strong opinions on the difference in quality between high-volume and low-volume firms.

There is nothing wrong with the convenience of a quick case, but that is not the type of lawyer we are. Because of our commitment, we only take clients that we like. We refuse to take so many cases that we cannot remember our clients’ names. Our personal injury lawyers in Portland only a few cases so that we can spend the quality time that is needed to investigate every dimension of a case.

DuBois Law Group has a stellar reputation for achieving success against insurance companies and big corporations.

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Litigation Department

While some law firms try to settle many of their cases, at DuBois Law Group, we are very proud of our Litigation department’s commitment to getting our clients the best results, and sometimes that means going to trial. We have an outstanding track record, and we are always willing to fight the fights that need to be fought – especially against large insurance companies. Comprised of Portland injury lawyers and staff, our Litigation department is proud of its legal expertise, and understanding of Oregon state and federal law cannot be surpassed.

The litigation department is responsible for determining the best way to handle your case in order to get the compensation you deserve for your injury. Our Portland injury lawyers are experts at deciding the best course of action for each individual client.

Fewer cases.
Better Results
Portland personal injury attorney

Our firm has a dedicated Medical Department so that we can take of the heavy lifting for you while you focus on recovering.

Medical Department

Our Medical department is one of the many things that sets DuBois Law Group apart from other firms. While many firms leave the medical details to the doctors, we take a proactive role in the medical treatments of our clients. We want to help our clients as much as possible during their struggles to deal with an injury, and so we take on a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, finding medical records, and determining how medical treatments affect your case.

We can often even recommend specialists, from chiropractors and massage therapists to orthopedic surgeons. Our Medical department works hard to ensure that all our clients get the care they need.

Client Relations Department

The entire team at DuBois Law Group wants to make your client experience as satisfactory as possible, because we know how difficult a personal injury lawsuit can be for the victim. Our Client Relations department is in charge of working with clients personally for education and outreach.

If you have questions, concerns, or wish to discuss the manner in which your case is being handled, please let us know. We are happy to discuss your personal needs with you to find solutions. The Client Relations department always wants you to feel informed and confident in your representation.