Wrongful Death

We cannot begin to understand how difficult this time is for you. We have seen first-hand, however, what family members of wrongful death victims have to go through.

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The Portland wrongful death attorneys at DuBois Law Group, LLC are committed to protecting the rights of family members who have lost a loved one because of another person’s reckless behavior or due to a company that put profit ahead of safety.

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Oregon Wrongful Death Cases Are Complicated – You May Need Professional Help

There is no denying the truth – wrongful death is a sensitive topic. Not everyone believes it is okay for someone to receive money for the death of a family member. As parents ourselves, we know there is no amount of money that could replace the loss of our children or other family members. Wrongful death lawsuits in Oregon are not about seeking revenge. They are about holding a careless person or company responsible so that others in the future do not suffer the same fate as a wrongful death victim.

Losing someone you love is never easy. The grief of losing a loved one is even more traumatic when they are killed because of a distracted driver, defective product, unsafe property, or workplace safety violation. Should acts of carelessness go unpunished only to happen again and again? Wouldn’t a family that loses a loved one due to another’s reckless behavior benefit from money to help pay for a child’s college education, wedding, or home some day?

Filing an Oregon wrongful death claim has to be done the right way in order to be successful. This process is complicated, but an attorney can help. Even if you’re not sure if it’s something you want to go through with, knowing how a wrongful death claim could help you and your family is information worth seeking.

A wrongful death lawsuit in Oregon can only be brought by following the statute very carefully. This type of lawsuit is intended to help certain “beneficiaries.” No one has a “natural right” to file a wrongful death claim. Under ORS 30.010 – 30.070, beneficiaries who can receive money from the lawsuit include a victim’s spouse, children, and parents. If there is no live spouse, children, or parents, then brothers and sisters may seek compensation through a wrongful death claim. If they are also deceased, then their kids may be beneficiaries. If all of these people have passed away, then grandparents, or children of grandparents, may qualify.

Family members of a person killed because of a wrongful act or the failure to perform a certain act have legal rights that can be protected by Portland wrongful death attorneys. The last thing on a grieving family member’s mind could be filing a lawsuit. But time plays a role here. In Oregon, a wrongful death claim must be filed within three years after the injury causing the death is discovered or reasonably should have been discovered.

Past Wrongful Death Case Examples:

Wrongful Death Case Example #1: Fatal Car Crash

D.T. was a passenger in a friend’s truck when another driver ran a stop sign. D.T. was pronounced dead before arriving at the hospital, though several witnesses made timely 911 calls. After the tragic event, D.T.’s daughter and his mother were concerned because he was a big part of the family business and his loss hit them hard emotionally as well. With the help of Sean Dubois, however, the family was able to receive a settlement that took into account medical expenses (ambulance ride), future lost wages, and other damages. This case settled for $750,000.

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