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$500k hit and run/drunk driving injury

R.S. was riding his bike home when he was struck by an SUV. The SUV’s driver, a prominent Oregon businessman, then drove away from the scene – leaving R.S. on the side of the road. R.S. was very seriously injured, and later required surgery, physical therapy, and treatment for PTSD. Luckily, as a lifelong athlete, his body was able to heal more fully than most people’s. This story, became a local news phenomenon. This story appeared on the front page of the Oregonian, and brought attention to the problem of hit and runs in Portland.

$500k brain injury

K.H. was injured while at a party. She fell two stories onto concrete because of negligent design, building,and maintenance which caused her to lean against a “wall” that was actually a door to nothing. Sustaining permanent seizures, she needed cognitive therapy and physical therapy after her accident as well as time to heal from several broken back ones. A student, K.H. was having a hard time returning to school and her volunteer work. See her traumatic brain injury attorney testimonial.

$450k t-bone car accident

One December day, at about 3:00 in the afternoon, J.T. was driving north on N. Williams, with his wife D.T. in the passenger seat. The defendant pulled in front of them suddenly and without warning, causing J.T.’s car to smash into the side of the defendant’s car in a T-bone collision. J.T. and D.T. were not wearing their seatbelts, I’m very sorry to say. J.T. and D.T. were an unusual older couple, both in their 70’s at the time of the accident. They met later in life, fell in love, and remain deeply in love with each other. J.T. had been caring for D.T. for a few years before this collision. J.T.’s injuries now mean that it is more difficult for him to care for Della at home. J.T. suffered a fracture to his vertebra, which required surgery and resulted in difficulty swallowing and neck pain, both of which are probably permanent. D.T. was already in bad shape before the crash, but the crash caused further leg problems and cognitive difficulties.

$150k auto accident

On their way to church, a family of three was injured when another driver ran a stop sign and T-boned their car. The husband received whiplash injuries, the wife broke her arm, and their son needed dental work. After getting horribly low offers on all three cases from the insurance company, they read about their accident on the DuBois Law Group accident blog and were impressed by the information we offered. They hired Sean DuBois, and he made sure all of their medical bills and liens were paid, and that they received additional compensation for non-economic damages.

settlement knee surgery/motorcycle accident

M.D. and his girlfriend were riding their motorcycle in NE Portland when a car driving the opposite direction took a left turn in front of them without looking. The motorcycle hit the rear door of the car, and M.D. went flying off the motorcycle and the motorcycle was completely totaled. In addition to soft tissue injuries, M.D. suffered several tears in his knee, including the meniscus and ligament. He required surgery to have these tears repaired, as well as extensive physical therapy.

$100k pregnancy complications

S.A. was pregnant when another driver ran a red light. Unable to avoid the collision, S.A. hit the side of the other car. This caused her many injuries including chronic pain in her jaw. The impact affected the position of the baby, but fortunately the baby was born healthy. After extensive treatment and the birth of her healthy baby, S.A. decided to seek the help of a qualified car accident attorney for guidance.

$100k brain injury/pedestrian accident

S.W. was walking near Portland State University when a car turned left and hit him. S.W. was in a crosswalk, with the right-of-way. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance and diagnosed with concussion and closed head injury. He had to have months of physical therapy, in addition to dealing with recurring headaches, dizziness, and nausea. S.W. missed months of work and school. Our Portland attorneys helped him pay all his medical bills and lost wages, and secured funds for future treatments.

$104k bicyclist injured in truck accident

Our client was riding her bicycle when she was hit by a commercial vehicle. She had to have surgery and physical therapy. After realizing the extent of her injuries, she hired Sean DuBois, an experienced Oregon bicycle accident attorney, to represent her against the company’s insurance.

$250k ankle surgery/pedestrian accident

D.R. was walking in Tigard, Oregon when she was struck by a car. Knocked down hard, she was unable to get up and was taken by ambulance to hospital. There, it was discovered that she had broken three bones in her ankle and foot. She had a surgery immediately to place external fixation rods in her leg to hold it in place. Later, she had to have another surgery to remove the rods and repair the other fractures. She was placed in assisted living because she was not able to walk for three months, and was unable to work so Sean DuBois also included economic damages for wage loss in his demand. Read her pedestrian accident attorney testimonial here.

$100k rear-end car accident

K.C. was rear-ended at the intersection of SW 6th and Terwilliger in Portland. After her accident, she had extensive medical problems, many of which the insurance company wanted to blame on something other than the car crash. Although she initially hired another lawyer, she soon learned that not all attorneys are created equal and she came to DuBois Law Group with high expectations of communication, which we met. With the advice and support of our medical team, she was able to finally consult with the correct doctors and receive the treatment she needed.

$100k head-on collision

S.M. was a passenger that was hit head on by a teenager in a serious car accident. He was LifeFlighted to the hospital, where they diagnosed him with severe concussion, two broken vertebrae, and torn tendons in his thumb. The driver was originally held for suspicion of drugs and intoxication. S.M. was concerned about the long -term absence from his job and using health insurance, but DuBois Law Group was able to get him the max possible under the bad driver’s insurance and his own UIM policy.

$399k rear-end truck accident

L.T., in his early 50’s when he came to us, had worked as a truck driver for most of his life. One day he arrived early to a delivery. The warehouse wasn’t open yet, so he parked his rig and took a nap in the berth. In the wee hours of the morning, a garbage truck backed into L.T.’s truck, knocking him out of his “bed,” and causing injury. The insurance company for the garbage company claimed all sorts of things. That the garbage truck was only going 2 m.p.h., that our client couldn’t have been hurt as badly as he claimed, even that he was making up his injuries. But he wasn’t. In fact, L.T. was as honest as the day is long. Our law firm’s investigation showed that the garbage truck company did not train its drivers well, that this particular driver had been in previous accidents and had not been properly disciplined, and more. But the insurance company continued to say it was not the garbage truck driver’s fault. They claimed it was L.T.’s fault, for parking in the wrong place! You can read L.T.’s truck accident attorney testimonial on our testimonials page, or watch his testimonial video.

$115k bicyclist hit in crosswalk accident

M.T. was walking his bicycle across the street when he was hit by a car. He was in the crosswalk and had a walk sign, so liability was clear. The car knocked him to the ground and ran over his dog! The dog was fine, but M.T. was severely injured. His injuries, including serious back pain and a hand injury that later required surgery also affected his ability to do his job. Eventually, he had surgery and with physical therapy he was able to use his hand, although not as well as he had before.

$100k hit and run accident

C.B.’s case was dramatic from the beginning. After a woman rear-ended him, she yelled at him and then drove away, but during her escape, she hit him in the knee with her bumper! Without any information, it took some searching to find the woman and verify her insurance. The police were also looking for her to press criminal charges for the hit and run. The property damage was not extensive, but the vehicular assault caused two tears in the meniscus of C.B.’s knee, which required surgery. C.B. hired us to help him find and charge this horrible driver for the damages he sustained. In the end, he. was pleased with his settlement and the way we worked with him during his treatment. For complicated cases like this, it is important to have an advocate on your side. You can read C.B.’s rear-end accident testimonial in our testimonials page or watch his video.

$175k multiple truck collision

J.T. was sitting in traffic behind a truck when another truck approached from behind her. The truck behind her did not slow in enough time to stop, and hit J.T – shoving her car up under the truck in front of her. Between the two trucks, her car was so smashed, she had to be cut out of the car, and then she was transported to OHSU. After emergency surgery, and ongoing medical treatment, it was determined that her pain and loss of range of motion would be permanent.

$150k back surgery/herniated disk

L.N. was driving on 205N when traffic forced her to stop. The person behind her rear-ended her after braking so hard he swerved. After seeking treatment that did not seem to be working, she had an MRI. One of the disks in her back was herniated and required surgery. When she found out about the need for surgery, she started researching attorneys because she did not want to be left to pay any medical bills. She found DuBois Law Group and they got her the policy limits from the at-fault driver’s insurance as well as filed a UIM claim for her with her own insurance.

$100k brain injury/memory loss

D.S. was driving through a green light when another driver ran a red light and hit him. D.S. received a minor brain injury including problems with sleep apnea and loss of memory. He was unable to continue working and was having trouble paying his family’s bills. Brain injuries are extremely serious, and our attorneys worked hard to ensure that D.’s financial needs were met for now and in the future.

$100k shoulder surgery/torn rotator cuff

R.N. was stopped at a red light in Milwaukie, Oregon when she was rear-ended hard enough to send her car into the car in front of her. She suffered strain to her back, neck, and shoulders. Eventually, an MRI revealed a torn rotator cuff and R.N. required shoulder surgery to recover. Despite previous injuries that the insurance adjuster claimed caused her shoulder problems, our settlement showed that her injuries were in fact caused by the accident and the bad driver.

$100k drunk driving accident

S.M. was a passenger in a car with two friends when they were hit head-on by a driver who lost control of her car and crossed the median. The defendant driver, age 16, was going about 60 mph, and was later charged with DUII, reckless driving, and assault. All the occupants of the vehicle in which S.M. was riding were injured. S.M. had two broken vertebrae, a bruised rib, among other injuries. Since there were several people injured, Sean DuBois worked with attorneys for the other injury victims to ensure that everyone received a fair amount of the defendant’s insurance limits. Then, we secured the limits of S.M.’s underinsured motorist policy on his own insurance – this ensured that all medical bills and lost wages were covered.

confidential settlement rear-end auto accident

A.W. was injured at 257th and Division, when she was rear-ended while at a stop light. Although the light had turned green, the car in front of her had not yet started moving when the car behind her hit. A.W. was injured, but luckily sought the help of our experienced Portland rear-end accident attorneys, and we were able to achieve good Oregon settlements for personal injury.

confidential settlement t-bone car accident

A.B. and her sister E.B. were injured when their mother’s car was T-boned. Both girls were under 10. Accidents involving child injuries are often more serious because their smaller bodies are fragile. So we took the case and made sure the girls received the compensation they deserved from the insurance company. The girls’ mother was very happy with the result.

confidential settlement rear-end car accident

An avid biker, J.M. was dismayed when his car accident caused injuries that completely stopped his frequent rides. J.M. was rear-ended when he stopped to wait for a pedestrian to cross the street, and his car was totaled. With the pain in his neck and back, his everyday activities were extremely limited, and required frequent (weekly) medical appointments. J.M. was able to start riding his bike again and is much more relaxed since he knows all his medical bills are paid, thanks to the work of our attorneys.

confidential settlement side impact car accident

After a car turned into him and totaled his vehicle, M.S. was initially concerned about his Subaru. With many custom alterations, he knew his car was worth more than the insurance company was offering. Then he started feeling pain in his neck and back, which eventually required several months of physical therapy. With both property damage and medical problems, M.S. felt he needed an attorney to help guide him through the legal process, and our Portland car crash lawyers helped him get the compensation he deserved.

confidential settlement motorcycle accident

B.H. was riding his motorcycle when his friend, also on a motorcycle, t-boned him as he began to turn left, breaking his leg. Although the two were friends, B.H. realized that his extensive injuries, and the work he missed as a self-employed carpenter, required him to seek legal representation. B.H. did not have health insurance, but our attorneys made the other motorcycle rider’s insurance pay for all the medical treatment that B.H. needed. B.H. was very happy with his settlement amount.

confidential settlement toxic tort lawsuit

C.B. was working when he was exposed, through the neglect of a local business, to dangerous chemicals that greatly affected his health. Having gotten a lifelong condition because of this exposure, he turned to the personal injury attorneys at SDB to help him. Despite previous health problems, he was able to show, with our help, the direct connection between his health condition and the business’s negligence – and make the company compensate him.

confidential settlement shoulder surgery/car accident

V.A. was driving in Tualatin, Oregon when traffic slowed and then stopped. He stopped, and was waiting for traffic to continue when he was rear-ended extremely hard. His car was totaled and his shoulder was dislocated. More than $10,000 worth of property damage was done to his car, but that was the worst of his problems after visiting the doctor. Diagnosed with a posterior labral tear in his left shoulder, V.A. had to have surgery and over six months of physical therapy to gain a full range of movement in his arm. He also had trouble sleeping and could not participate in his favorite activities (which led Sean DuBois to also claim compensation for a loss in quality of life). After over a year, the insurance company finally agreed to pay V.A. a far settlement, and he was thrilled with the results. See his testimonial here.

confidential settlement head-on car accident

D.B. was hit in a head-on collision by a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel. D.B.’s car was totaled, and insurance would not pay full value for it. What’s more, D.B. got whiplash and TMJ from the accident. Her previous lawyer had told her to settle for a smaller amount than she felt was fair. She wouldn’t do that, so she came to us. We got her every single penny of insurance coverage that driver had. Then we got her another sum of money from her own UIM coverage. D.B. was very satisfied with the result. So satisfied, in fact, that she called the result “life changing.” See D.B.’s car accident lawyer testimonial on our testimonials page.

confidential settlement rear-end car accident

M.K. was driving her Ford Taurus southbound on the Marquam Bridge merging onto I-5. Traffic slowed, as it often does there, and she slowed with it, only to be rear-ended by a pickup. She suffered whiplash to her neck, and also hurt her back, sacrum, hips, right arm. She had headaches and difficulty sleeping and working. She was hoping for an Oregon settlement for personal injury that would help pay her medical bills, and we helped her achieve it!

confidential settlement traffic accident

D.L. was at the intersection of NE Overland and NE 82nd Ave in Portland. The driver coming from the opposite direction turned left into her. Despite this, Allstate refused to admit liability. Allstate claimed that its driver had gotten “stuck” in the intersection, and then had no choice but to speed through a turn and hit D.L. Of course, we could not stand by for this absurd (but all too typical) insurance company tactic. So we took the case to arbitration, and we won quite a bit more money than Allstate wanted to pay, which was a very happy result for D.L. As you can see from the traffic accident testimonial she recorded for us, and written testimonial, she was very happy with the result.

confidential settlement bicycle accident

M.V. was riding her bicycle to work, heading west on NE Broadway approaching the intersection with N. Williams. At this intersection, NE Broadway is a one-way street with four lanes. The right-hand lane is right-turn only. The bike lane is to the left of this lane. And then to the left of the bike lane is a car lane from which vehicles may go straight or turn right. In other words, the cars to the left of the bike lane may turn right, even though the bike lane continues straight. M.V. was trying to ride straight through this intersection, when a box truck to her left turned right, catching her and dragging her. She survived, but was injured, and quite understandably suffered psychological injuries as well, including Post Traumatic Stress.

confidential settlement multiple car accidents

M.P. was in two separate collisions. One was on I-205, and the other exacerbated her injuries. The insurance company for the second collision was willing to settle that case quickly and fairly. But the insurance company for the first collision would not listen to reason, so the case ended up being arbitrated, which is a common way to get Oregon settlements for personal injury. In the end, M.P. was quite happy with the result, and provided us with a video of her car accident lawsuit testimonial, and a written letter.