Pedestrian Accidents

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As a pedestrian, you are one of the most vulnerable people on the road. But, because you are the most vulnerable, under Oregon law, you should also be one of the most protected. Our Portland pedestrian accident lawyers specialize in personal injury cases and can help if you are hit by a car or somehow injured as a pedestrian.

Portland Pedestrian accident lawyersIn 2007, Oregon introduced what is called “vulnerable user laws” to help protect those who are not protected by the shell of a car. And because there is no protective encasing surrounding pedestrians, they suffer serious injuries and even death. In 2007, 4,654 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States, according to the NHTSA, and 70,000 were injured. In Oregon that same year, there were 455 traffic deaths – 48 of those were pedestrians.

Another issue that arises from being a pedestrian is that of a lack of insurance coverage. Even if a pedestrian has a car, that does not mean that insurance comes into play if a person is hit by a car. For most car accidents, a person’s PIP, or personal injury protection coverage, will cover medical bills for up to a year or $15,000, whichever comes first. In a pedestrian-car accident, the driver’s PIP should pay according to ORS 742.520.

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Pedestrians are often seriously hurt when hit by a car, so it is important to seek medical attention and to listen to your doctors. Common pedestrian accident injuries include brain injuries, broken bones, and chronic pain. Since many of these injuries can have long-term consequences, you will want to make sure your Portland pedestrian accident lawyer is experienced in working with insurance companies

You can read our blog about pedestrian accidents. It contains some useful information and more on the laws as they pertain to pedestrians, as written by our Portland pedestrian accident lawyers.

In 2008, over 4,000 pedestrians were killed in the United States in traffic accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Additionally, 69,000 pedestrians were injured in traffic crashes. This means, on average, a pedestrian is killed in a traffic accident every two hours. Every eight minutes, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic crash. In 2008, 51 people died in pedestrian accidents in Oregon alone.

In most traffic situations, pedestrians have the right of way. Motorists are supposed to be mindful of their surroundings and in control of their vehicles to avoid potential hazards. If a motorist operates their vehicle carelessly and an accident occurs, the motorist can be held liable for expenses associated with a person’s injuries resulting from the accident. Unfortunately, a handful of pedestrian accidents are hit-and-runs, meaning that the motorist leaves the scene of the car crash. This puts the life of the injured pedestrian in more danger due to a potential delay in emergency help arriving if the accident is not reported.

In an Oregon pedestrian accident, pedestrians’ injuries range from minor to catastrophic. More serious injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a spinal cord injury, can alter a person’s way of life forever. Extensive physical therapy may also be required, which further impacts a person’s life. In severe Oregon pedestrian accidents, victims may even lose their lives. When a family loses a loved one in a pedestrian accident, they may seek compensation from the negligent individual in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Past Oregon Pedestrian Injury Accident Case Examples

Pedestrian Accident Case Example #1: Student Hit By Car While in Crosswalk

S.W. was walking near Portland State University when a car turned left and hit him. S.W. was in a crosswalk, with the right-of-way. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance and diagnosed with concussion and closed head injury. He had to have months of physical therapy, in addition to dealing with recurring headaches, dizziness, and nausea. S.W. missed months of work and school. Our Portland attorneys helped him pay all his medical bills and lost wages, and secured funds for future treatments. This case settled for $100,000, the maximum under that auto policy.

Pedestrian Accident Case Example #2: Surgery After Being Hit By Teenager

Dana R. was walking in Tigard, Oregon when she was struck by a car. Knocked down hard, she was unable to get up and was taken by ambulance to hospital. There, it was discovered that she had broken three bones in her ankle and foot. She had a surgery immediately to place external fixation rods in her leg to hold it in place. Later, she had to have another surgery to remove the rods and repair the other fractures. She was placed in assisted living because she was not able to walk for three months, and was unable to work so Sean DuBois also included economic damages for wage loss in his demand. Read her pedestrian accident attorney testimonial here. This case settled for $250,000 with a policy limits demand.

Pedestrian Accident Case Example #3: Bicyclist was Walking His Bike

M.T. was walking his bicycle across the street when he was hit by a car. He was in the crosswalk and had a walk sign, so liability was clear. The car knocked him to the ground and ran over his dog! The dog was fine, but M.T. was severely injured. His injuries, including serious back pain and a hand injury that later required surgery also affected his ability to do his job. Eventually, he had surgery and with physical therapy he was able to use his hand, although not as well as he had before. Sean DuBois was able to get a settlement of $115,000 (original offer: under $50,000).

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