What is the Difference Between Premises Liability and Negligence?

The legal theory of premises liability is used when someone becomes injured due to unsafe or defective conditions on someone else’s property. Sometimes people confuse the legal concept of premises liability with negligence. Premises liability is one type of negligence. In premises liability lawsuits, property owners are accused of acting negligently by failing to keep […]

What are my legal rights if I was injured at work?

What are my legal rights if I was injured at work?

Employers are required to provide their employees with safe working conditions in a healthy environment. If an employer fails to meet this criterion, then an employee may be injured as a result. Even in the safest workplaces, accident can still occur. To protect your rights if injured at your workplace, the first step is to […]

Slip and Fall Accident Cases: Staircases

Here’s the scenario:  You’re in someone else’s building, either public or private, and you’re walking down a flight of stairs. No one else is near you; no one else is involved. Suddenly, you trip and fall, and realize right away you’ve done some serious damage to yourself. Who’s at fault? This is the question frequently […]

Oregon Dog Bite Lawyer: One Bite Rule

Whenever someone gets bitten by a dog that has an owner, there is usually a process which needs to occur. Since the chances are good that an Oregon dog bite lawyer won’t be there with you if it occurs, you’ll need to understand a few laws yourself. In this article, we are going to teach […]

Oregon Brain Injury Lawyer Testimonial

I am Kayla Harrison. Two years ago I had a fall, which resulted in a spinal injury and a brain injury. After I recovered for a month at home I started my extensive search for an Oregon brain injury lawyer. So I came here first and met with Josh and asked questions on how the […]

Homeowner’s Insurance Covers Injuries

Homeowners insurance—everyone knows what it’s for, of course. When a hail storm shatters a few windows; when a violent wind storm damages your roof, or when a fire breaks out, you give the insurance company a call and ask them to send out an assessor. However, what happens if someone is injured in your home […]

National Safety Month Focus: Slips and Falls

Every year, National Safety Month is observed to alert people to a wide variety of accidents and injuries that could be avoided, saving time, money and no small amount of pain and suffering. In Oregon, hundreds of people are hurt every year in slip and fall accidents, and it’s no surprise that the people responsible […]

$15.4 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against the State of Hawaii

$15.4 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against the State of Hawaii

In the wake of what has been called the biggest ever lawsuit against the state of Hawaii, opinions have varied widely over whether or not the settlement agreed was excessive. However, Oregon park injury lawyers have agreed that in light of the state’s admission of liability and the fact that one of the victims was […]