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Concluding Thoughts

We appreciate that you have taken the time to read this book. You are going through a very difficult time in your life, and we know that you have a lot going on. We very much hope you have found this book helpful, as our primary goal was to help educate you about Oregon wrongful… read more

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Mild Injury A mild traumatic brain injury doesn’t usually require medical treatment other than rest and overt-the-counter pain relievers to treat a headache. It is important to monitor your injury if is persistent, worsening or any new symptoms occur.   Visiting the doctor will help you recover with the proper steps and care. A doctor will… read more

The Effects of Drugged Driving

Similar to driving after consuming alcohol, driving after taking drugs can be a huge safety risk to the driver, passengers and others on the road. Why is drugged driving dangerous? Different drugs have various effects on how they act in the brain. For example, cocaine and methamphetamine can cause drivers to be aggressive and reckless… read more

Fireworks Safety Tips


With the Fourth of July coming up, everyone gets excited about fireworks.  Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate but can also be very dangerous.  It is important to be safe when handling fireworks and make sure others around you are also being safe to avoid accidents and injury. Below are some recommended safety tips… read more