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Should I sign the information releases that the insurance adjuster gave me?

It is very important that you do not sign any release forms that you received from an insurance adjuster without first talking to an attorney. Remember that the insurance adjuster’s main goal is to keep the payments they make to accident victims like you as small as possible. That’s why we are here for you—to… read more

4th of July Fireworks Safety


It’s the 4th of July and, while I hate to be the wet blanket on your 4th of July party, I’d like to take the opportunity to warn you about fireworks. The rules in Oregon are pretty specific about what kind of fireworks you can buy, but let’s face it, lots of people drive over… read more

“McDonald’s Coffee Case” . . . Again

“Stella Liebeck”: The woman who spilled McDonald’s coffee on herself. The “Stella Awards”: Awards given every year to mark particularly absurd lawsuits, named after her. “McDonald’s Coffee Case”: A term that has become shorthand for “our civil justice system is broken because people sue over events that were their own fault and make millions.” We’ve… read more

5 Tips to Avoid Summer Grill Burn Injuries


Summer is upon us and most Americans are going to begin pulling out their grills and getting ready for cookouts. Firefighters see this as their peak time for grill fires, which can lead to bigger problems. Fires that begin because of human error or mechanical failures with grills cause about 7,700 fires each year, according… read more