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Concluding Thoughts

We appreciate that you have taken the time to read this book. You are going through a very difficult time in your life, and we know that you have a lot going on. We very much hope you have found this book helpful, as our primary goal was to help educate you about Oregon wrongful… read more

Staying Safe in a Flooded Portland


With the excessive amounts of rain and wind hitting the Portland Metro area, injuries and accidents are more likely to occur. Streets are flooded, landslides are happening and trees are falling on homes and streets. Driving on flooded roads is very dangerous. A small car can be moved by just eight inches of rushing water…. read more

Roads May Be Icy for Thanksgiving Travel


Heading into the Thanksgiving weekend, the temperatures will drop to freezing during the early mornings and late evenings.  Holiday commuters are warned to watch for icy roads early Thursday morning.  Temperatures through Saturday could dip as low as 20 degrees with rain and freezing fog possible.  Patches of black ice will likely form on roads… read more

Rainy and Windy Driving Safety Tips


With so many rainy days in the forecast, it is important to remind drivers about safety tips in these conditions.  Since these are some of the first heavy rainstorms of the season, sometimes the rain pulls motor oil, grease, and dirt from where it has accumulated on the road. This makes the road slick, not just wet…. read more

Portland Traffic Increased 6.3% Since Last Year

Portland highways are reaching and practically exceeding capacity making traffic even worse.  Traffic has increased 6.3% just this year. That increase is twice the national average and it is just getting worse. Each month the count of vehicles on the road increases and sets new records. With the economy growing and more people moving to Oregon, it… read more