Recent Auto Recalls Concern Defective Auto Injury Lawyers

With the amount of research and development that takes place before any vehicle is launched onto the market, it’s surprising the number of recalls that take place. A defective auto injury lawyer recently expressed concern over the high number of safety issues that had necessitated cars being called back into dealers for repairs. More than […]

Portland Distracted Driving Lawyer Supports Ban on Cell Phone Use

It would be difficult to convince any Portland distracted driving lawyer that drivers using cell phones is anything other than a bad idea. Distracted drivers cause literally hundreds of accidents in Oregon every year. Many of those accidents cause serious, permanent, life-changing injuries…or worse. Illinois are now leading the way in banning drivers from using […]

Dangers of Using Car Voice Controls Concern Car Injury Lawyers

More and more automobile manufacturers are adding voice controls to their vehicles as standard equipment, but Oregon car injury lawyers are asking the question, “Are you really safer talking to your car than you are to, say, someone at the other end of a phone?” According to some recently published statistics, the answer may very […]

Portland Drunk Driver Attorney Welcomes New Ignition Interlocks Law

Drunk drivers kill literally thousands of people each year in the United States, and Oregon has seen its fair share of this type of tragedy, but steps to curb the likelihood of this happening on Oregon roads in the future have been welcomed by a Portland drunk driver attorney. Both the Senate and the state […]

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Portland Welcome New Airbag Innovation

Portland pedestrian injury lawyers have welcomed the launch of what must be considered one of the most innovating safety devices to come along in quite awhile. It seems like airbags have been around forever, when in fact they were only introduced in 1987. Now, they are standard equipment on all new cars, and it sometimes […]

Yellow Lights = Dilemma Zone for Drivers

The area before a stop light-controlled intersection where the light turns yellow and drivers are unsure whether or not to proceed or stop is now being called the “dilemma zone.” Portland traffic accident injury attorneys also think of that area as a danger zone, because literally thousands of people all across the country are being […]

Road Rage Injury Lawyers Speak Out Against Violent Driving

In Oregon, as in other states, road rage is on the increase at an alarming rate, leading to rising levels of attacks and serious injuries. Our road rage injury lawyers want to share the results of a recent survey which discusses which cities have the most aggressive drivers, as well as suggestions on how to […]

Portland Personal Injury Lawyers Say: TXT L8R

Every Oregon road traffic accident is ultimately caused by a number of factors. It’s seldom just one thing, even if it’s no more than an unfortunate victim being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some call that fate. Others call it just plain bad luck. A Portland injury lawyer understands that, in some […]