Driving Myth #5: Stopping for Emergency Vehicles

Myth No. 5 – Slowing down or moving a lane away from stopped emergency vehicles is only a courtesy, but it’s not a law. Well, here’s the thing; it actually is the law in Oregon and has been for a few years now. The law was enacted as a reaction to a number of horrific […]

Driving Myth #4: Use of Turning Lanes

Myth No. 4:  I can use the left turn lane (or designated center turn lane) as a merging lane or as a lane of travel to get up to my anticipated turning point. This could rank as among the most highly abused of our five Portland driving myths. The incorrect use of left turn lanes […]

Driving Myth #3: Bicycles on the Sidewalk

Myth No. 3:  I can ride my bicycle on a sidewalk just the same as riding on the street. Here we have another great source of Portland arguments and displays of verbal versatility. Portland pedestrians frequently voice their opinion that there should be a law protecting them from cyclists using sidewalks. Well, there is such […]

Driving Myth #2: Pedestrian Right of Way

Myth No. 2:  As a pedestrian, I ALWAYS have the right of way over motor vehicles. As well as leading to unseemly arguments and the occasional use of language best left to very, very bad movie scripts, this myth has also led to far too many serious accidents between pedestrians and vehicles. As Portland personal […]

Driving Myth #1: Yellow Lights

Myth No. 1:  The light was yellow, so it was ok for me to speed up to make it through in time. This particular “urban legend” leads to a large number of T-bone type crashes at busy Portland intersections every year. Yet there is a very specific Oregon statute dealing with this issue. ORS 811.265 […]

New Study on Tires Reveals Surprising Financial Impact

How much pressure should there be in your vehicle’s tires? Should the front tires have the same pressure as the rear? How can you tell if there’s not enough tread left on your tires to drive safely? Are under inflated tires really a bad thing, and if so, why? A recent Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) […]

Talking Cars….Futuristic Dream or Current Safety Device?

It’s fair to say that most of us, whether we admit it or not, talk to our cars at some stage or another. Often, this is to express irritation or frustration with a perceived slight the vehicle has committed, like failing to start on a bitterly cold morning, or stalling in heavy traffic, or failing […]

Teens Don’t Speak Up About Distracted Drivers

People who have been injured by drivers who were talking or texting on their cell phones when the collision occurred are becoming increasingly common in the offices of Portland distracted driving accident lawyers. If information just released about teens and a distracted driving study are indications of what’s to come in the years ahead, a […]