Oregon Medical Injury Updates: May 2012

The development of scanners that use child-sized doses of radiation; giving a new name to an old affliction, and Oregon’s health care proposals attracting national attention are stories that an Oregon medical injury lawyer feels are worth updating. The past month has seen new developments in all three areas. New Regulations on CT Scans and […]

Portland Low Impact Car Accidents

Portland low impact accident lawyers come up against the argument on a regular basis. The insurance company in court is trying to convince the jury that the injured victim who is rightly claiming compensation can’t really be as badly hurt as he’s claiming to be, because the car he was in when the accident occurred […]

Taxi Accident Attorney Concerned By Cab Drivers’ Negligence

Portland taxi cab victims’ attorneys are increasingly becoming concerned at the number of people who are being injured in accidents involving taxis, and in particular those accidents caused directly through the negligence of the taxi drivers themselves. The lawyers feel people should know their rights in what can be a very confusing situation. To start […]

Flashing Yellow Lights Contribute to Portland Intersection Accidents

Whenever there’s a Portland intersection accident, it’s logical to assume that two people tried to share the same road space at the same time, and clearly, one of them got it wrong. Or did they? More and more, Portland drivers are arguing that the old system of solid red, yellow and green traffic signals were […]

New .Gov Site Gives Parents the Lowdown on Child Seat Safety

Every car crash is regrettable, and if someone gets hurt, it’s downright tragic. However, when there’s a child injured in an auto accident, the tragedy seems somehow compounded. Parents go to great lengths to protect their children when they’re in the car, but it can be a mind-bending mysterious maze of options when trying to […]

Recovering Emotionally and Psychologically After a Car Accident

When Oregon motorists have been involved in a serious car accident, they often find that recovering from trauma at an emotional level is every bit as difficult, or even more so, than getting over the physical damage caused to them in the crash. They are often surprised to discover that even if they feel relatively […]

Thefts on Portland Transportation Increasing

Portland metro attorneys have warned people this week that thefts on TriMet buses and trains has increased by no less than 65 percent since 2006, even though the number of people using the service has only gone up by five percent in the same period. And they’re pretty sure they know the reasons why. TriMet […]

Recent Findings on Washington County Aggressive Drivers

Washington County injury attorneys are well aware that the common public perception in the Portland area is that bicycle drivers behave badly in traffic. A number of stories have made the headlines recently where cyclists have caused buses to make emergency stops, and where they crossed train tracks literally a split second before the train […]