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Year: 2014

Who is liable for a dog bite?

A dog’s owner is typically legally responsible for the actions of their dog such as damage or injury they may cause. Someone else may also be liable if any of the following statements are true: Someone other than the owner was taking care of and had control over the dog. The owner’s landlord knew the… read more

Safety and the New MAX Orange Line

In Spring of 2015, the new Portland-Milwaukie MAX Orange Line will began testing the route to familiarize train operators with the new line. Safety around light rail is important to keep in mind while driving, walking or biking nearby. It takes MAX trains two blocks to stop and they can’t swerve to avoid you. Always… read more

Portland Sues Uber for Operating Illegally in the City

On Monday, the City of Portland filed a lawsuit against the ride sharing service, Uber, for operating illegally. The case has moved from the Multnomah County Circuit Court to federal court per Uber’s request. Accommodating Portland’s rules for Uber would cost more than $100,000 and change their business model completely. The San Francisco based ride… read more