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Plan Ahead this New Year’s Eve

Don't Drink and Drive - Keys and Champagne

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are two of the most common holidays for drunk driving accidents to occur.   Each year nearly 10,000 people are killed in drunk driving crashes and during the holidays it is even more prevalent. Stay safe this New Year’s and plan ahead if you are going to be drinking. Whether you decide to have a designated driver stay sober, use public transportation or a taxi, any of those options are better than risking you and everyone’s life around you by getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Keep in mind on New Year’s Eve, all TriMet services are free after 8pm. The buses and streetcar will run on their normal weekday schedules. The MAX will run extended hours until about 3am on New Years’ Day. On New Year’s Day, all TriMet services will run on their Sunday schedules. This makes it even easier for people to find a safe way to get to and from their destinations for the evening. For more information about these services visit trimet.org.

Pedestrians are also at risk for being injured by drunk or even sober drivers this holiday. If you are walking around at night, be aware of your surroundings when walking next to a road or crossing the street. For drivers on the road, pay special attention for pedestrians walking in roadways and crossing the street at any time.  Pedestrians who are intoxicated may not use the best judgement when walking around late at night.

We wish everyone a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!