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Dog Leash and Scoop Laws in Portland


Portland, Oregon is well-known for being a dog-friendly city, with numerous parks and outdoor spaces for residents and their furry friends to enjoy. With so many dogs in the city, however, owners need to be aware of the regulations regarding leashes and waste removal. By following these laws, owners can help keep their pets and… read more

What to Do if a Dog Injures You

If you were attacked by a dog, your first instinct is probably to defend yourself. Many dogs bite very quickly, out of fright, nervousness or misdirected protectiveness. If someone else’s dog injures you, the owner is likely to be legally liable for your injury. You may want to check with the local animal control department… read more

Who is liable for a dog bite?

A dog’s owner is typically legally responsible for the actions of their dog such as damage or injury they may cause. Someone else may also be liable if any of the following statements are true: Someone other than the owner was taking care of and had control over the dog. The owner’s landlord knew the… read more

National and Oregon Dog Bite Claims Increasing

“Dog Bites Man” is not a headline news story anyone would expect to see, but dog bite claims are reaching levels that could certainly attract people’s attention. What’s more, the number of claims and the amounts being paid out are increasing at quite dramatic rates. While Oregon dog bite claims don’t go anywhere near the… read more

Oregon Dog Bite and Animal Attack Laws


Whatever it is that causes a dog to attack and bite someone, it can be a horrifying and life-altering experience, especially if a child is involved. Besides the physical injuries, including scars that can last a lifetime, there can also be emotional and psychological consequences.  In Oregon, dog bite laws can be quite complicated, and… read more

Dog Mauling in Portland Highlights Danger


Date: May 31, 2010 Location: SE 125th & Powell Court, Portland, Oregon On May 31, 2010, around 9:30 AM, Portland Police officers responded to reports of a pit bull mauling a man at SE 125th and Powell Court in Portland, Oregon, according to a Portland Police Bureau news release. While officers were on the way… read more