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Concluding Thoughts

We appreciate that you have taken the time to read this book. You are going through a very difficult time in your life, and we know that you have a lot going on. We very much hope you have found this book helpful, as our primary goal was to help educate you about Oregon wrongful… read more

Should I sign the information releases that the insurance adjuster gave me?

It is very important that you do not sign any release forms that you received from an insurance adjuster without first talking to an attorney. Remember that the insurance adjuster’s main goal is to keep the payments they make to accident victims like you as small as possible. That’s why we are here for you—to… read more

Understanding Insurance Policy Limits

Every insurance policy has limits. This is the maximum amount that the insurance company will have to pay. Automobile insurance limits are typically quoted as two numbers with a slash between them. For example, as of this writing, ORS 806.070 requires that an automobile policy issued in Oregon must have liability limits of at least… read more

How many Uninsured Drivers are out there?

The Insurance Research Council conducted a study in 2009 that found about 10% of Oregon drivers (and one in seven drivers nationwide) were driving without insurance, and in January 2009 wrote “approximately one in six drivers across the United States may be driving uninsured in the coming years.” The study also found that when the… read more

Car Crash or Car Accident?

Insurance companies love to talk about “accidents”, because that word implies that your injury was nobody’s fault.  Insurance company lawyers like to use the word “accident” because they hope the jury will start to believe that the “accident” was not anybody’s fault.  In reality, an “accident” is usually caused by someone who wasn’t paying attention…. read more