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The Dangers of PTSD After a Car Accident


Car accidents can be scary and life-altering experiences. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crash, victims can suffer from serious injuries and long-term disabilities. However, not all car accident injuries are physical. Many people develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a collision. This mental health condition can have a major impact on your daily life,… read more

Tips for Walking Safely as a Pedestrian


Pedestrians deserve to feel safe on Portland roads. Unfortunately, there are many hazards that could lead to an accident, from poor lighting and inclement weather to dangerous, negligent motorists. There are actions that you can take to protect yourself in these situations. Here are a few important tips for walking safely as a pedestrian. #1:… read more

How to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents as A Portland Driver


Pedestrians and drivers often share the road in Portland. To protect both parties from harm, Oregon imposes traffic laws that dictate right-of-way rules and other considerations to control the flow of foot and motor vehicle traffic. Unfortunately, these laws cannot prevent driver negligence. Only motorists can control their behavior. As a Portland driver, there are… read more