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Safety and the New MAX Orange Line

In Spring of 2015, the new Portland-Milwaukie MAX Orange Line will began testing the route to familiarize train operators with the new line.

Safety around light rail is important to keep in mind while driving, walking or biking nearby. It takes MAX trains two blocks to stop and they can’t swerve to avoid you.

Always remember these safety tips:

  • Do not trespass on tracks or at closed stations and Park & Ride lots.
  • Stay off the tracks to stay alive.
  • Obey all signals, look both ways and only cross tracks at designated signals.
  • Always expect a train.

Quiet zones are a section of a rail line that contains one or more consecutive public crossings in which horns are not routinely sounded. In these zones, the operators are not required to blow their horns as they approach.

Safety improvements have been made to various intersections in SE Portland and downtown Milwaukie to allow these crossings to become designated quiet zones for freight and light rail trains.

Some key safety dates for MAX Orange Line are below:

  • Winter-Spring: Outreach and presentations to schools near the MAX Orange Line routes
  • Spring: Quiet Zone implementation at key SE Portland and Milwaukie crossings.
  • June: TriMet rail and bus operator training begins
  • August-September 11: Simulated Orange Line service along the entire light rail route
  • September 12: MAX Orange Line service begins