Talking Urinal Cakes – To Stop Drunk Drivers?

“Is that person talking to me?” and “What is a woman doing in the men’s toilets?” are just two of the questions men who have had too much to drink may be asking around the country if a novel idea to deter people who have had too much to drink from getting behind the wheel […]

What to Do After a Phantom Vehicle Accident: 6 Steps

Far too many Oregon motorists who have been injured in what are known as “phantom vehicle” accidents never get a dime from their insurance companies. Why? Because all too frequently, the insurance companies simply say, “Since you can’t prove that someone hit you and then sped away, we don’t have to pay!” Let’s face it: […]

Oregon Car Thefts Increasing, and Keep Insurance Rates High

While the state as a whole saw a general—if minor—decline in car thefts in 2011, major metropolitan areas and Portland in particular saw a dramatic surge in the number of stolen cars over the past 12 months, according to a new report just released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). The NICB 2011 figures, […]

ATV Riders: Without Laws, Injuries Will Increase

All terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a very popular mode of transport for entertainment purposes in Oregon, but personal injury attorneys are warning that if new safety measures aren’t introduced and enforced, the number of serious injuries caused in ATV accidents is almost certain to continue rising. Like motorcycles, ATVs provide very little protection to drivers […]

A Guide to Driving and Not Driving With Dementia

It’s a question more and more families are being forced to contend with as the age profile of America’s drivers continues to climb. When someone you love, and who may have been driving for more than half a century, has been diagnosed with dementia, how do you get that person to make the transition from […]

New NHTSA Study Shows Traffic Deaths Decreasing

There was good news regarding efforts to reduce the number of fatalities on American roads, in a report recently released by the NHTSA. Even though Americans are driving more miles than ever before, the number of fatalities was lower in 2010 than at any stage in more than half a century. The last time there […]

Is Siri Really Going to Help Drivers Be Safer?

Even 25 years ago, it would have seemed the stuff of futuristic science fiction that most people believed they would never see in their lifetime. With the impending and inevitable integration of Apple’s “Siri” into millions of cars, however, the auto makers of today are turning David Hasselhoff’s Knight Rider into an antique. For those […]

Drivers Can Still be Held Liable in Sun Glare Car Accidents

We’ve all heard of those “act of God” or “emergency doctrine” clauses that can get someone who probably should be held responsible for some disaster or another off the hook. And surely, a sun glare car accident must fall under that category, right? What’s more an act of God than the sun? Well, a Syracuse, […]