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Smile, Your Accident is on YouTube

Guest Post by Attorney Richard Console

American Traffic Solutions, a company that provides the camera systems utilized on traffic lights, recently released a video online that uses footage from these red-light-cameras in New Jersey. According to NJ.com, Kate Coulson, a spokeswoman for ATS, explained how much these cameras help make the roadways safer.

Coulson went on to explain that in 2009 there were 11 people killed in accidents involving someone running a red light in New Jersey. She said that utilizing this technology can, “change driver behavior and help save lives.”

The video begins with text on the screen that states, “Each year more than 100,000 people are injured and hundreds are killed in red-light running related collisions.” The video then shows 10 accidents and near misses that occurred in New Jersey in 2011. In the video they stressed that these are just a few selected cases to illustrate their point but are by no means the only occurrences.

The accidents shown happened in Union Township, Linden, Deptford, Pohatcong, Jersey City, Monroe Township, and East Brunswick, and it is very clearly illustrated in the videos how careless some drivers can be. The video ends with a plea to the public that everyone should stop on red to save the lives of others and possibly their own.

There are those naysayers who believe the use of these types of camera systems is strictly to gain revenue for municipalities as opposed to attempting to save lives. NJ.com went on to report how Steve Carrellas, who is the New Jersey representative for the driving-rights organization of the National Motorist Association, does not support the use of the red light cameras nor the video posted by the ATS.

“Oh, so they’re showing how their red light system doesn’t stop crashes,” he asked. “Only proper engineering, operation, and maintenance of those intersections is going to prevent crashes.”

The cameras sprouted up after NJ began a pilot program back in 2008, and since then there have been 25 towns that have begun using them. NJ.com said that Newark, where the cameras have been active for two years, has caught more than 90,000 motorists running red lights and has earned the city $3,000,000 from the ensuing fines.

Richard Console, a car accident lawyer in New Jersey, expressed that, “As this technology is more utilized the benefits will be seen statewide. Anything that can reduce the incidence of car accidents should be utilized so that less people are injured or killed.”Rick Console is a New Jersey personal injury attorney who has been protecting and representing the rights of injury victims for 17 years. In addition to representing those injured in motor vehicle accidents, he has successfully handled thousands of cases related to wrongful death, slips and falls, medical malpractice and other accidents resulting from the negligence of others. Console is licensed to practice in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and has offices in Marlton, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.