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Staying Safe in a Flooded Portland


With the excessive amounts of rain and wind hitting the Portland Metro area, injuries and accidents are more likely to occur. Streets are flooded, landslides are happening and trees are falling on homes and streets.

Driving on flooded roads is very dangerous. A small car can be moved by just eight inches of rushing water. Three of the major problems that can be caused by driving in high water are that water can be sucked into the engine, water can enter the car, or brakes can become wet and fail to function properly. All three of these can be hazardous and/or distracting while driving, which could result in a potentially fatal crash. Driving fast in high water is also one of the worst things a driver could do.  Keep your speed in check and be cautious while driving on flooded streets.

The best way to avoid standing water is to look at road conditions and take a detour and plan accordingly.

High winds can mean trees, branches and debris falling on the road, power lines and homes. If you ever see a downed power line, never touch it, call 911. Trees falling on roadways can cause accidents and injuries for cars, trucks and bicyclists. Check the road conditions on your route before heading out to plan accordingly.  Everyone can help keep the roads safe during this winter storm.