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Rainy and Windy Driving Safety Tips



With so many rainy days in the forecast, it is important to remind drivers about safety tips in these conditions.  Since these are some of the first heavy rainstorms of the season, sometimes the rain pulls motor oil, grease, and dirt from where it has accumulated on the road. This makes the road slick, not just wet. In addition, water on top of asphalt can cause tires to lose traction. To top it off, rain decreases a driver’s ability to see clearly, reducing visibility through its effect on windshields and headlights.

So what do you do to stay safe on soggy Portland days?

1.    Slow down.
2.    Be aware.
3.    Brake early.
4.    Did we mention slow down?

And if things go from bad to worse, pull over until the storm blows through.  If visibility is very bad, it is better to pull over and wait then to continue and possibly get into an accident.  Watch for bicyclists and pedestrians, especially when it is dark out since they might be tough to see.

For windy and rainy conditions, trees and debris may fall into the roads making them more dangerous.  In yesterdays rainstorm, trees fell across Interstate 84 having them close the road to remove the debris.  Check the road conditions before getting into your car to avoid road closures due to hazardous conditions.