Public Transportation Lawyers Note Big Increase in Number of Trips

Our Portland public transportation injury lawyers believe there may be a distinct correlation between the rising price of gasoline and the increased reliance on public transport; not a bad thing provided the public are given adequate protection from injury when using public transport services. The recently released American Public Transportation Association (APTA) report shows the […]

Yellow Lights = Dilemma Zone for Drivers

The area before a stop light-controlled intersection where the light turns yellow and drivers are unsure whether or not to proceed or stop is now being called the “dilemma zone.” Portland traffic accident injury attorneys also think of that area as a danger zone, because literally thousands of people all across the country are being […]

Oregon Child Neglect Attorneys Discuss Child Neglect Laws

The motivation of the parent is not what defines child abuse in Oregon, and what may surprise many people is that physical abuse is not the most common form of child abuse. Neglect is more prevalent, and specialists say the long-term effects on the child can be far more devastating. It’s safe to say that […]

Road Rage Injury Lawyers Speak Out Against Violent Driving

In Oregon, as in other states, road rage is on the increase at an alarming rate, leading to rising levels of attacks and serious injuries. Our road rage injury lawyers want to share the results of a recent survey which discusses which cities have the most aggressive drivers, as well as suggestions on how to […]

Portland Auto Defect Lawyers Support Fines Against Car Companies

Hundreds of people lose their lives on Oregon roads every year. Every loss of life is highly regrettable, of course, but Portland auto defect lawyers have become increasingly frustrated at the number of road deaths caused by malfunctioning vehicles that give occupants little or no chance of escaping serious injury or death in the event […]

Portland Elder Abuse: Signs and Prevention

The mistreatment of any human being is unacceptable. When the victim is vulnerable and has no means of defending themselves, it’s even worse. But perhaps the most heinous offense possible is that which is perpetrated against an elderly person. It’s a sad fact that Portland elder abuse, like in many other places, often goes unreported […]

Portland Toxic Chemical Injury Attorneys and Claims

It may come as something of a surprise to many people, but Oregon employees working with toxic chemicals have been proven to be working with unacceptable risks for many years. Portland toxic chemical injury attorneys have frequently been called upon to represent people who have been seriously affected by an unacceptable level of toxic risks […]

Oregon Studded Tires: Laws and Initiatives

Portland has long been known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the entire country. Many proposals have been made to make cycling around the city safer, because Portland bicycle accident attorneys see hundreds of clients each year who have been injured by other road users. Frequently, this is because of unsafe cycling lanes […]