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Looking Out for Pedestrians

Just in the past week, we have read about at least three pedestrian accidents – two of which involved minors. In the other one, a man in a wheelchair was killed in Hermiston, Oregon.

It hit us that because of these accidents, people have lost loved ones during a time family and friends are most on our minds. And for those who are injured, they are forced to spend the holidays recovering, if they’re lucky. Some of them lie in a hospital bed in a coma. Their families watching over them day and night. Waiting.

And while the holiday season should not be the only time we think about these things, we can’t help but realize that this is a time almost everyone reserves for thinking about the things that have blessed our lives. We wish everyone could be home, warm and surrounded by the people they love.

We want to take this time to implore of everyone to be extra careful. The weather conditions make it hard to stop as quickly as it would be if the roads were dry. Plus, the sun goes down much sooner, which means more people are on the roads, in cars and on foot, during rush hour. People are holiday shopping, which also adds to foot traffic.

So please, please, everyone keep in mind these simple safety tips. And try to make this a joyful and safe holiday season. But this goes for all accidents as well.

  • Please be mindful of road conditions.
  • Pay attention to other drivers.
  • Slow down, even if you’re late to a holiday party.
  • And always, ALWAYS wear your seat belts.

Be safe this holiday season.