NFL Lawsuits Continue as the Sport’s Brain Injuries Mount Up

Analysts and fans of the game are rapidly coming to the conclusion that the NFL’s rush to introduce new safety measures, like outlawing helmet to helmet contact, has less to do with the number of that sport’s brain injuries than with protecting the league from potentially crippling lawsuits. The medical profession says the NFL should […]

Teens Don’t Speak Up About Distracted Drivers

People who have been injured by drivers who were talking or texting on their cell phones when the collision occurred are becoming increasingly common in the offices of Portland distracted driving accident lawyers. If information just released about teens and a distracted driving study are indications of what’s to come in the years ahead, a […]

Increase Seen in Trampoline Injury Cases

Trampolines are a great source of fun, entertainment and exercise, but Oregon trampoline injury lawyers have noticed a worrying increase in the number of trampoline injury cases being reported. As the seemingly harmless devices become more and more popular, trips to hospital emergency rooms are becoming more and more frequent. The feeling of near flight […]

Oregon Medical Injury Updates: May 2012

The development of scanners that use child-sized doses of radiation; giving a new name to an old affliction, and Oregon’s health care proposals attracting national attention are stories that an Oregon medical injury lawyer feels are worth updating. The past month has seen new developments in all three areas. New Regulations on CT Scans and […]

Cruise Ship Deaths are Not Uncommon, Lawyers Say

Cruise Ship Deaths are Not Uncommon, Lawyers Say

The recent well-publicized case of the Costa Concordia shocked the world, but a Portland cruise ship injury lawyer actually says deaths on cruise ships are not that uncommon. In fact, cruise companies are coming under increasing scrutiny over their failure to protect the people who shell out hard-earned money to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip […]

Recent Notable Personal Injury Settlements May 2012

 Being involved in a serious accident can be a frightening and traumatic experience. If you’re injured in the accident, it’s even worse. Recent notable personal injury settlements also show that when that accident is not your fault, you should not be expected to bear medical expenses, lost income and the cost of ongoing treatment, and […]

New FMCSA Medical Examiners Final Rule will Certify Examiners

A new FMCSA medical examiners rule is an important step in helping to improve road safety. The new regulations will be a big change from existing legislation that allow any medical examiner licensed by the state to perform health exams on all interstate commercial truck drivers. By June 1, the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety […]

Tips to Avoiding Construction Zone Car Accidents

Distracted drivers are responsible for more than a dozen deaths on American roads every day, and Portland personal injury attorneys have noted that construction zone car accidents are especially perilous places for drivers to be taking on cell phones or worse, texting. The prevention of construction zone car accidents is purely dependent on drivers being […]