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Never Leave Children in a Hot Vehicle Unattended

Mother helps her daughter to fasten belt on car seat

As temperatures in the Portland area reach triple digits, we want to remind people to not leave children or pets inside vehicles unattended.

On average, more than three-dozen children die of heatstroke in hot vehicles in the U.S. each year. Even with the windows cracked, it is still dangerous to leave a child or pet in a vehicle on a warm day. When temperatures are as low as 70 degrees outside, inside a car it can surpass 100 in less than two hours.

With the temperature outside reaching 100, even leaving a child in the car for a few minutes can be deadly when temperatures inside soar way above comfort.

Last week, three cases of children being left alone inside vehicles were reported in Eugene. We want to encourage people to understand the dangers of being trapped in a warm vehicle in the hot weather. Always bring your children or pets with you when you are getting out of the car or leave them at home with the proper supervision.