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Current Accident Statistics from a Portland Traffic Accident Lawyer

While it has become apparent that over time the number of accidents on America’s roadways is decreasing, there are still an exorbitant amount of road traffic accidents taking place on the highways and byways stretching across the country.  In reality there are, on average, somewhere upwards of six million vehicle accidents on the roads of the United States each and every single year.

This number represents an amalgam of accidents, from fender benders to major truck accidents, and also represents an even more diverse population of people, from young teens to elderly drivers.  As any Portland traffic accident lawyer can tell you, the statistics are still quite shocking, even if they are trending downward over time.

If you’ve ever really wondered what the numbers look like when it comes to road traffic accidents each year, consider some of these almost unbelievable accident statistics:

  • There are somewhere around 40,000 deaths that can be directly attributed to vehicle accidents each year.  This is a very high number to some, but as we’ve stated, this number has actually been falling over the last several years.
  • Each year, over three million people sustain injuries from a car accident.  Of these three million car accident-related injuries, over two million of the injuries are considered permanent and life-changing for those who have sustained them.
  • The vast majority of people injured in vehicle accidents are the drivers of the vehicles involved.  The passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists make up the other portion of injured accident victims.
  • Approximately every 10 minutes, someone loses their life due to a car accident.  Approximately every 10 seconds, someone is injured in a car accident.
  • The greater portion of accidents that occur on roadways today could be prevented if drivers were simply more careful.  Somewhere around 40 percent of car accident deaths are due to drunk drivers, 30 percent due to individuals driving above the speed limit, and another 30 percent because of other reckless driving behaviors that cause the vehicle to go off the road.
  • During an average five year period, somewhere around 25 percent of all drivers will be involved in a car accident.
  • For people younger than 30 years old, the primary cause of death in this age group is directly attributed to car accidents.  For those between the ages of 15 and 24 years old, and those who are above 75 years old, car accidents are the most devastating when it comes to car accident injuries.
  • In over half of all vehicle accident deaths, the deceased individual was found to not be wearing a seatbelt at the time of the vehicle crash.  Even though that in states across the country wearing a seatbelt is mandatory, a vast majority of people choose to blatantly disregard this simple safety precaution.  It is sad, but a great many of them end up forfeiting their lives because of it.

In the end, simple car safety is nothing to be light-hearted about.  Buckle up, drive safely, and practice safe driving precautions.  You might just save a life, including your own.