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Portland Personal Injury: Herniated Disk

One of the most common car crash injuries is a herniated disk. A herniated, or “slipped,” disk occurs when the disk between spinal vertebrae moves out of place and the nerves can become pinched.

Common Symptoms:
Pain in one side of the body
Sharp pain in one part of the leg or hip
Weakness in affected leg
Pain when moving neck, shoulder, arm, hands
Pain that gets worse after sitting, standing, laughing, bending
Usual Tests to Diagnose:
Spine X-ray (just to rule out other causes of pain)
MRI or CT scan
Common Treatment:
Rest and Anti-inflammatory medications
Physical therapy
Diet and exercise (esp. for overweight patients)
Steroid injections
If you have a herniated disk, this is often an injury that requires more serious and long-term treatment. If you were injured in a car crash, you might be able to receive compensation for this accident injury, but you might need the services of an Oregon (Portland, Milwaukie, Gresham, etc.) car crash attorney to get the full amount you deserve.