Oregon Car Insurance Lawyers Warn of Car Sharing Risks

Everyone likes to do their bit for the environment, and if they can make a little extra money in the process, then fine. Oregon car insurance lawyers warned this week, however, that insurance companies are none too happy about the growing trend of car sharing. Companies that specialize in putting car sharing agreements in place, […]

Road Rage Injury Lawyers Speak Out Against Violent Driving

In Oregon, as in other states, road rage is on the increase at an alarming rate, leading to rising levels of attacks and serious injuries. Our road rage injury lawyers want to share the results of a recent survey which discusses which cities have the most aggressive drivers, as well as suggestions on how to […]

Oregon Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics and Costs

Oregon Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics and Costs

What’s the leading cause of death in the United States? Is it heart disease? Cancer? Whatever the disease statistics reveal, it may come as a surprise that fatal motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer in America of people aged from 5 to 34. Across all age groups, a fatal motor vehicle accident ranks […]

Portland Toxic Chemical Injury Attorneys and Claims

It may come as something of a surprise to many people, but Oregon employees working with toxic chemicals have been proven to be working with unacceptable risks for many years. Portland toxic chemical injury attorneys have frequently been called upon to represent people who have been seriously affected by an unacceptable level of toxic risks […]

Study Finds Brain Injuries Are Related to PTSD

Perhaps the most traumatic of all injuries that someone involved in a car accident will have to contend with is damage to the brain. This is a life-altering injury that has serious effects on both the person who suffers the damage, and their extended family. A Portland brain injury attorney is often called upon in […]

Don’t Drive with a Cold – Surprising Study

It’s the time of year when thousands of Oregonians are suffering with colds and flu. People still drive to the shops; mothers drive the kids to school and some people try to tough it out and drive to work, even when they should probably be at home in bed with a hot drink, a cold […]

Bicycling is on the Rise in Portland

You’d be forgiven for thinking that for a city to be the most popular in the nation among cyclists, it would need 12 months of good weather per year. It may surprise you, then, that Portland has more cyclists per head of population than any other major metropolitan area in the country, and recent studies […]

How NOT Seeing a Doctor Can Decrease the Value of Your Injury Claim

Portland injury lawyers always tell people that the first thing they should do after any traffic accident is to see a physician, but many people fail to heed this advice. Many people think they’ve just been shaken up and that there’s no real damage done. Still others say they haven’t got the time, or that […]