Auto Accidents Downtown Prompt Traffic Signal Changes

The intersection of any two streets you care to mention will always come with its own inherent set of dangers. The busier the street, the greater the chance that someone will do something at that intersection that leads to someone’s car getting banged up. However, Portland car accident attorneys have noticed that one intersection in […]

Preventing Lead Poisoning at Home in Oregon

Lead is one of the most toxic chemicals that can still be commonly found in Oregon households today. Most know of its dangers, but not everyone knows how many children are still exposed to the potentially devastating consequences of long term exposure to the element that was not long ago commonly found in many popular […]

Real Client: Car Speeding Away From Police Crashes into Tree and River

This is a real story about one of our real speeding accident clients.  All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike.  But names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed. “Margaret” was riding in her boyfriend’s car when he started […]

Road Rage Leads to Vehicular Assault in N. Portland

Lance Hamel, 38, recently became the victim in a case of road rage that ended up in court. Hamel knows that it could have been much worse. Instead of being in a courtroom explaining what had happened to him, he could easily have ended up in a cemetery. Road rage is a problem that many […]

Portland Bicycle Paths and Trails Used More Than Ever

Getting out and about on a bicycle is becoming increasingly popular in Portland, and especially on the city’s multi-use paths and trails, according to information just released. Cyclists seem to be doing more recreational riding than ever, and using paths, lanes and corridors designed to keep them away from traffic would appear to be the […]

Bicycling in Portland: How NOT to Get Hit By Cars (Part 2)

Staying safe while riding a bicycle on Oregon roads is not just a cyclist’s responsibility. Having said that, the problem is when a car and a bicycle come together, the car might get a scratch or two, but the cyclist is highly unlikely to be so lucky. Following the safety tips we’ve listed here will […]

Bicycling in Portland: How NOT to Get Hit By Cars (Part 1)

 We offer here our Top 10 reasons cycling accidents occur, and the best ways to avoid getting hit by a car. The truth is you’d be better off following these tips without wearing a helmet and not getting hit, than to wear a helmet and think that’s the last precaution you need to take, leading […]

Top 10 Oregon Motorcycle Safety Tips

If you’re an Oregon motorcyclist, and you made it through 2011 unscathed, congratulations. Not everyone was so lucky. Every year, dozens of cyclists need the services of a good Oregon motorcycle accident attorney, largely because motorists frequently seem unable to spot a motorcycle on the road. For now, your motorcycle is probably safely stowed away, […]