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Tragic Amtrak Crash Causes 6 Deaths, Prompts Lawsuit

A train attendant involved in the tragic Nevada Amtrak crash that resulted in the deaths of at least six passengers filed a lawsuit last week, among what will most likely be many suits against John Davis Trucking Company and their employee Lawrence Valli.

The $10,000 lawsuit seeks medical costs and damages allegedly caused by Valli’s failure to heed the train crossing warnings. A train mounted video camera shows that warning lights at the crossing were working properly at the time the incident occurred, and that Valli was driving at “considerable speed” according to investigators.

Valli’s driving record reflects a history of speeding, distracted driving from cell phone usage, and carrying loads too long for the truck. Valli died as a result of the crash. Even if Valli is not found by the courts to be negligent in the accident, the company he worked for, John Davis Trucking Company, may be held responsible for the damages.

A key argument in the case will most likely be that the trucking company Valli worked for should not have placed him on the road with such a poor driving record. He should have been carefully screened prior to his hiring for this position. Allowing Valli to operate the vehicle put others on the roadways at great risk, eventually resulting in injuries to himself and others. In this case, however, a Portland truck accident lawyer could help.