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Before Filing a Workplace Injury Claim: A Guide

Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen to people while on the job, and the events that follow can sometimes be troublesome. The typical course of action is to file a workplace injury claim if you sustained injuries and/or can no longer contribute 100% to your job.

During the time it takes to recover after the accident, it is not uncommon for your employer and co-workers to change the way they interact with you as a result. Some behaviors that typically occur include:

• Accusations that you are slacking in your job duties
• Allegations that you are faking
• Co-workers saying you are trying to avoid working

Some of the worries an employee faces after an on the job injury include fear of:workplace injury, work accident, workers compensation form, workers comp claim

• Loss of wages
• Elimination of promotion opportunities
• Being fired from the job
• Paying for the cost of medical care

After a workplace injury occurs, there are precise steps you need to take. Many employers have a procedure in place for on the job injuries and employees should follow that protocol if it exists. Here are some tips:

1. Report the workplace injury to your supervisor immediately.
2. Handle the claim promptly, even if the injury seems minor.
3. Contact a physician to obtain a medical assessment right away.
4. Document all details on paper while fresh on your mind.
5. Take photographs of where the accident occurred as soon as possible after the incident.
6. Ask any witnesses to document their account of what occurred.

Employees injured on the job should be covered by their employer’s workers compensation insurance, including lost wages and medical care. Because many insurance companies require a filed report within 48 hours after an incident, time is of the essence in filing your claim.

Have you or a family member filed a workplace injury claim that has been denied? A Portland workplace accident attorney can assist you in receiving adequate compensation for an on the job injury.