Portland injury attorney

Communicating with Your Honest Portland Attorney

We seem to get a lot of calls from people who are unhappy with their personal injury attorney.

The #1 complaint? “I never hear from my lawyer.”

If you’re looking for an honest Portland attorney, it’s important to keep communication in mind. A good Portland personal injury attorney will be available to his clients and will not have his paralegal make all the calls.

We Make Sure You Know What’s Going On with Your Personal Injury Case

At DuBois Law Group, we believe each and every case we take is important and that each clients deserves attention and respect. If you’ve been injured, you want to hire an attorney that will listen to you, right? Well, we do. honest Portland attorney

While you might speak to a paralegal occasionally, if you ask to speak with your attorney you will always be able to schedule a phone call. We schedule all phone calls for our attorneys for several reasons. The main reason is that this allows our attorneys to prepare for your call, review your case, and be 100% focused on you during the discussion. The second reason is to make sure they have enough time to answer all your questions, and do not need to rush to the next appointment.

Our paralegals can, of course, answer most of your questions and help you when you call. But we understand that people hire a lawyer in order to rely on their legal expertise and advice – and this means being able to discuss your case with a honest Portland attorney you like and trust.

Communication is Key in a Personal Injury Case

Many of our clients have told us that they appreciate how promptly we return phone calls and emails. We do our best to get back to you within 24 hours for all calls, and to schedule a time to speak with your attorney as soon as possible. And, despite the fact that many cases take over a year to settle, we provide our clients with monthly updates from both the medical and the litigation departments. We want our clients to feel informed, secure, and confident in their representation. We try to ensure that all our clients know what is happening with their case at all times. All honest Portland attorneys should try to do the same.

If you are having trouble communicating with your Portland personal injury attorney, let them know you are concerned. Most lawyers are busy and do not realize how long it has been since they’ve spoken to you. If, after expressing your concerns, they do not make an effort to communicate in a timely manner, you might decide to hire a Portland attorney who is willing to return your calls and update you – after all, it’s your case and you deserve to know what’s going on.