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Year: 2015

Tips for Safe Winter Bicycling

For many people, the winter months would see their bicycles stored safely away in the shed, waiting for the snow and ice to melt and the thermometer to rise. Exercise enthusiasts who schedule regular cycling treks as part of their workout routine, turn to indoor tracks or other means of keeping fit until spring once… read more

Liability Insurance and Policy Limits


Every driver in Oregon is required to have liability insurance. Liability insurance is meant to protect you if you are legally responsible for an automobile accident. It is also a possible source of compensation in a wrongful death case resulting from a car crash because the deceased person’s family can bring a claim against the… read more

Federal or State Court?


“Venue” means where a lawsuit is filed. The options are Federal Court or State Court, and then within the State Court system, a particular county must be chosen. This is a complicated decision that depends upon the specific details of your case, but here’s an overview of why “where” is very important. In general, State… read more

Roads May Be Icy for Thanksgiving Travel


Heading into the Thanksgiving weekend, the temperatures will drop to freezing during the early mornings and late evenings.  Holiday commuters are warned to watch for icy roads early Thursday morning.  Temperatures through Saturday could dip as low as 20 degrees with rain and freezing fog possible.  Patches of black ice will likely form on roads… read more

Beneficiaries in a Wrongful Death Case


A wrongful death claim is brought by a personal representative for the benefit of certain “beneficiaries.” Exactly who qualifies as a “beneficiary” is defined by the law. Note that the person who can “bring the lawsuit” is not the same as the people who can “benefit from the lawsuit.” The “beneficiaries” are the people who… read more

Possible Beneficiaries in a Wrongful Death Case


The law applicable to wrongful death is more technical. There is just more to understand. But for another thing, it is very difficult to settle a wrongful death case yourself, unless you are willing to accept far less than full value. Most insurance companies would be happy to settle with you before a lawyer gets… read more

Rainy and Windy Driving Safety Tips


With so many rainy days in the forecast, it is important to remind drivers about safety tips in these conditions.  Since these are some of the first heavy rainstorms of the season, sometimes the rain pulls motor oil, grease, and dirt from where it has accumulated on the road. This makes the road slick, not just wet…. read more

Punitive Damages for a Wrongful Death Case


Punitive damages may be recovered in some wrongful death cases. Punitive damages are widely misunderstood, largely due to the McDonalds coffee case. Many people are under the false impression that punitive damages are a road to riches. Punitive damages are difficult to prove. You are not allowed to even ask for them until after you… read more