Investigate a Truck Accident: Guide to Proving Your Case

When trucks and cars collide on Oregon highways, one thing is certain and another thing is likely, but neither is good. First, the car is certainly going to “lose” in the battle between a 3,000-pound vehicle and an 18-wheeler with a cab that can weigh up to 23,000 pounds and which can carry a load […]

Don’t Want to Go to Trial for a Personal Injury?

Don’t Want to Go to Trial for a Personal Injury?

Many individuals are unclear on the difference between mediation and arbitration in the legal process. Both are alternatives for resolving disputes outside of court; however they are different processes for conflict resolution. Mediation Defined: An impartial mediator listens to the evidence of each party and then arranges meetings to work toward resolution. Mediators are usually […]

5 Myths About Personal Injury Debunked

Did you ever hear the one about the really decent, honest Portland personal injury attorney? Stop laughing! A lot of myths have developed over the years about personal injury lawyers, and we’d like to cut through some of them, so please read on. As personal injury lawyers, we know a lot of people are afraid […]

10 Tips for Determining Pain and Suffering Damages

Accidents are expensive. The cost in terms of damage to vehicles, medical treatment, lost wages and other monetary expenses runs into the billions of dollars every year in this country. The numbers can be quoted with a great degree of accuracy. The cost of those accidents in terms of the pain and suffering caused to […]

What to Do When Your Insurance Claim is Denied

A bad situation just got worse. You were driving your car home from work and were involved in an accident in downtown Portland. You had to go to the doctor a day or two later, because you were injured. It meant you missed a couple of days off work; you weren’t paid, and your boss […]

Smaller Case Blues: Justice for 20.080 and PIP Claims

I just had lunch with a 30-year-old lawyer. He does great work. He’s got three or four years experience, and he’s smart, eager, and a good lawyer. At first I was shocked when he told me that he’s never heard of a 20.080 case, or a PIP case. But the more I thought about it, […]

For Insurance Companies, YOUR Time is THEIR Money

Insurance companies are happy to use delay as a tactic when they are trying to avoid paying a claim. They do this in many cases, but it can get particularly egregious in wrongful death cases, such as the case against Bold Earth Teen Adventures for the death of Tyler Madoff. Tyler was 15 years old […]

Lobbyists Hard At Work Helping Insurance Companies Rob You Blind

Lobbyists Hard At Work Helping Insurance Companies Rob You Blind

I am so sick of insurance companies getting away with screwing consumers! It’s happening again, right now. House Bill 3160 passed the Oregon House, but is being held up in the Oregon Senate by the forty-seven(!!!) lobbyists that are bending your Senators’ ears. (ORS 646.605 – 646.656) makes it illegal for businesses to use “unconscionable […]