Real Personal Injury Cases We’ve Accepted Recently

These are real stories about our real auto accident clients. All names of individuals have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. But names of insurance companies are real, and the details of what happened have not been changed. Here are the short details of some of the personal injury cases we’ve […]

A Guide to Driving and Not Driving With Dementia

It’s a question more and more families are being forced to contend with as the age profile of America’s drivers continues to climb. When someone you love, and who may have been driving for more than half a century, has been diagnosed with dementia, how do you get that person to make the transition from […]

Number of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Steady in the US

Number of Fatal Motorcycle Accidents Steady in the US

In spite of the fact that deaths on American roads fell to their lowest levels in more than half a century, motorcycle accidents showed no such decline. Closer to home, the number of fatal Portland motorcycle accidents also showed no signs of being on the wane. It was very much a good news-bad news story […]

The Basics of an Oregon Loss of Consortium Claim

The Basics of an Oregon Loss of Consortium Claim

What does “loss of consortium” actually mean? A person making an Oregon loss of consortium claim is in legal terms saying they have been deprived of the benefits of a family relationship because of injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. The term was first used in English common law, and one of the first recorded […]

Increase Seen in Trampoline Injury Cases

Trampolines are a great source of fun, entertainment and exercise, but Oregon trampoline injury lawyers have noticed a worrying increase in the number of trampoline injury cases being reported. As the seemingly harmless devices become more and more popular, trips to hospital emergency rooms are becoming more and more frequent. The feeling of near flight […]

Government Liability for Car Accidents

When a government entity or employee acting in an official capacity causes a car accident that leads to an innocent victim being injured, Portland auto accident attorneys are frequently asked about the possibility of successfully filing a claim for compensation. The truth is suing a government body for their negligence in an injury-related accident is […]

Portland Civil Litigation Lawyer Explains Car Accident Litigation

None of us like to accept the fact that during our lifetimes, we are far more likely than not to be involved in an automobile accident, but a Portland civil litigation lawyer maintains not every accident will or should end up in court. When a road user is injured through another’s negligence, however, car accident […]

The Affect of Obesity on Car Accident Victims

The findings of a recent study tend to contradict the popular notion that having a little excess bulk around the joints should actually protect you in a collision. Up until now, most people who considered the links between obesity and car accidents (if anyone really considered it at all) probably thought that the pointed areas […]