Oregon Lawyers for Auto Accidents: Determining Liability

If you are someone who drives a lot, or is someone who allows others to drive your vehicle, then having a good attorney on standby can be useful. Oregon lawyers for auto accidents are relatively common for the simple fact that people can be careless when on the streets. In this article, we are going […]

Guide to Vehicle Accident Law Firm Fees

Whenever anyone gets involved in an auto accident, there is a good chance that that person will need to retain the assistance of a vehicle accident law firm; especially if there have been any injuries that have occurred due to the accident.  This time may be extremely stressful for involved parties, which can be made […]

The Importance of Car Accident Witnesses

Nothing is worse than getting involved in a car accident, especially when it isn’t your fault.  Your safety should certainly be your top priority so ensuring that you have not been injured or that any others have not been injured should be a concern.  However, another major concern that you should have when you are […]

Filing an Oregon Accident Report

Just because you are a safe driver, doesn’t mean that you do not run the risk of being in an accident. Knowing this, you should always prepare know what to do should this ever happen to you. And knowing what to do in this situation also includes understanding how to file an Oregon accident report […]

What is an Oregon Letter of Protection?

Whenever a client is being represented by a lawyer, he or she may agree to use something known as a “Letter of Protection.” Basically, this is when the lawyer asks a medical provider or doctor to put off billing the client until their personal injury case is completed. Keep in mind that the Oregon Letter […]

Is Oregon a No Fault State?

Car accidents are such a nuisance. First, there’s the damage to your vehicle itself, and then there’s the often contentious question of who caused the crash? That question can be difficult to answer at the best of times, even when one driver was clearly at fault. Their version of the events leading up to the […]

Oregon Bad Faith Claims

No one really enjoys paying for insurance; it’s not one of those things you get a really good feeling about when you’re handing over your hard-earned money. What’s more, it’s one of those things you absolutely have to buy, but hope you’ll never use. When bad things happen and you need to call upon your […]

Bad Insurance Company Behavior: A Great Example

It would probably be fair to say that the behavior, policies and practices of many insurance companies would be enough to offend the sensibilities of a large piece of driftwood. The refusal of insurers to act in good faith and in a fair and equitable manner could bring tears from a stone, but most of […]