Teen Driving Laws Getting Tougher

The days of the double date or those of eight teens piling into the car for a quick trip to the Dairy Queen are being legislated out of existence by state legislatures. Strict limits are being placed on the number of teens that can occupy a car at any given time, and the police and […]

Neglect of Elderly Leads to Nursing Home Lawsuits

Placing an elderly family member in a nursing home can often be a frustrating and extremely upsetting time for all concerned. In the vast majority of cases, the reasons for using nursing home care are honorable and those decisions are made based on what is best for the elderly relative. When a family makes the […]

How Well do You Know Your Oregon Bike Lane Laws?

Given that Portland has been called the most bike-friendly city in the country, and the effort and money that have gone into providing bike lanes on city streets to make cycling safer, you would think that cyclists—and motorists—would be pretty familiar with Oregon bike lane laws. Or would they? Hardly a day goes by without […]

What is an Oregon Plaintiff’s Attorney?

Let’s say you’re living in Oregon and you’ve been badly injured because of someone else’s negligence. You know there are going to be lots of medical bills, and you’ve lost a lot of money already because you’ve missed a couple of weeks work; the boss is making noises about having to find someone else to […]

Event Data Recorders (EDR) Help Determine Liability

Did you know that you probably have your own personal private detective riding along with you every time you get into your car? In addition, should you find yourself in a collision that wasn’t your fault, that same little private detective could very well be used to prove your case, in case the other driver […]

Oregon Hit and Run Laws Need to Change

At the moment, Oregon hit and run laws provide an unintentional but obvious loophole that actually encourages drivers in certain situations to flee the scene, even if they intend to turn themselves in later on. However, that time lapse can be fatal for the injured person left behind. Why would anyone leave an injured person […]

Asbestos Lawsuits – Your Legal Rights

Asbestos Lawsuits – Your Legal Rights

Asbestos lawsuits have been ongoing for many years now, yet many people are still confused as to their legal rights in such cases and what will happen should they decide to pursue a claim in court. The truth is, there are no fixed or definite answers, because virtually every case is different. Many asbestos lawsuits, […]

What to Do After a Phantom Vehicle Accident: 6 Steps

Far too many Oregon motorists who have been injured in what are known as “phantom vehicle” accidents never get a dime from their insurance companies. Why? Because all too frequently, the insurance companies simply say, “Since you can’t prove that someone hit you and then sped away, we don’t have to pay!” Let’s face it: […]