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Oregon Farmers Insurance Claims for Personal Injury

The Farmers Insurance Company is one of the longest-established auto insurance providers in the state of Oregon. They have been in operation for more than 80 years, and they employ approximately 19,000 people in 40 states across the nation. With that kind of history, one would expect a good track record of Farmer’s Insurance claims in Oregon being settled quickly and fairly.

Farmers was Ranked #21 Out of 25 Insurance Companies

According to a 2011 J.D. Power & Associates press release, which included the results of a comprehensive survey of more than 10,000 customers of different insurance companies, carried out between March and July, Farmers Insurance finished a lowly 21st out of the 25 insurance companies named in the survey. Using a scoring system that carries a maximum tally of 1,000 points, Farmers Insurance came in with a score of 804. While that may not sound too bad, the fact that the industry average is 846, and the best-performing company tallied an impressive 890 points, the Farmers Insurance score suddenly looks a bit underwhelming.

What’s more, the reports Power Circle Ratings scored Farmers Insurance at a mere two out of five. Based on their criteria, that puts Farmers Insurance at well below average.

With Farmers Insurance, You Can Expect Delays, Red Tape, and Unfair Offers

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, a slip and fall at work, or if you’ve been knocked off your bike, and you’re making a Farmers Insurance Oregon claim, they have an automated service that allows you to file claims, including those for catastrophic accidents and medical claims. This service not only allows, it encourages victims to contact them directly to get the process started. That looks easy, right? An automatic system that gets your claim moving right away, without getting a personal injury attorney on the case must cut through a lot of the red tape you always hear about when dealing with insurance companies. The fact is, however, using this system almost invariably leads to an offer of compensation that grossly undervalues your claim.

How Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Oregon Can Help

Getting Farmers Insurance claims in Oregon settled quickly and fairly will be far easier if you use the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Portland. If you try to go it alone, you face any or all of the following happening:

  • An offer of compensation that is inadequate and well under the true value of your claim
  • Delays of months, or even years, before your personal injury claim is settled and you receive your compensation. In the meantime, you will have to bear the brunt of your medical expenses, lost earnings, physical therapy and ongoing treatment costs.
  • Loaded questions. If you go it alone, an agent from Farmers will ask you questions about your case. These are experienced representatives, acting on in the insurance company’s best interest, and they will slant the questions in such a way as to damage your case when it finally comes time to reach a settlement.

Farmers Insurance claims in Oregon, and across the country, are a minefield, full of unseen dangers, just below the surface. Their automated claim facility is one means they use to discourage people from seeking the services of experienced personal injury attorneys. However, anyone who has experienced a personal injury, and who is making a claim against Farmers Insurance in Oregon, would do well to acquire the services of a competent personal injury attorney, who has experience in dealing with Farmers Insurance claims.