Is There a Personal Injury Calculator?

For personal injury lawyers, the most common question that they receive from potential clients usually involves the settlement. What is a particular personal injury claim worth?  Is there some kind of damages and personal injury calculator?  How can we know what a fair settlement value is? For those individuals who have been involved in an […]

How to Negotiate with a Personal Injury Claims Adjuster

As an injured person in an accident, or someone who has sustained damages to a vehicle in a car accident, one of your next steps will be to work with a personal injury claims adjuster.  This can be a stressful experience for some people, especially for those people who have no idea what to expect […]

Personal Injury Client Interview Questions

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, then you are no doubt considering speaking with a variety of different personal injury attorneys who could possibly represent you in your claim.  There are several things that you can expect from speaking with a personal injury attorney, including being asked a variety of questions about […]

How to Prove Negligence in an Oregon Personal Injury Suit

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured in accidents, and many of these injuries eventually find themselves being discussed and debated in an Oregon personal injury suit.  In a majority of these cases, which may include injuries sustained from everything from workplace accidents to car accidents, the basis for holding someone responsible in […]

Oregon Car Injury Lawyers Negotiate with the Adjuster FOR YOU

When you’ve been involved in a car accident, you will undoubtedly spend some crucial hours putting together your claim and filing it with the responsible party’s insurance company.  This can be a tricky business for some people, particularly depending upon the severity of the personal property damages or the severity of the injuries that have […]

Oregon Vehicle Crash Attorneys Say: File a Police Report

You’ve been involved in an accident on the highway.  You are safe and sound, there are no injuries, but your vehicle has sustained some major damage.  You’ve traded information with the other driver, you’ve gotten information from any reliable witnesses, and you’ve made sure that everyone else is alright.  What have you forgotten to do?  […]

Preparing for Trial with an Oregon Truck Injury Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been involved in an Oregon truck accident caused by a truck driver’s negligence, or a trucking company’s negligence?  Have you been injured in this accident and have spent a significant amount of time away from work and a substantial amount of money on medical expenses?  If you answered “Yes” […]

Oregon Truck Accident Lawyers Explain Gathering Evidence

Oregon Truck Accident Lawyers Explain Gathering Evidence

The most important thing that you will need to do when involved in a truck accident, aside from making sure that you are personally well, will be to make sure that you do everything possible to obtain as much information about the accident along the way.  This means obtaining as much information at the scene […]