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How to File Car Accident Claims with Insurance

Getting involved in an auto accident can be extremely stressful, no doubt.  This is true if it’s a small accident or a major one.  However, it is possible that filing car accident claims could be just as stressful, depending on the circumstances of the car accident and the willingness of the insurance company you are filing the claim with to negotiate with you.  For many claim filers, car accident claims can be unpleasant and even intimidating experiences.  This is usually because many of these filers have never been involved in this kind of situation before.  If you have no idea what to expect when it comes to filing a claim, pay attention to these important tips for filing car accident claims.

Filing the Initial Insurance Claim

It is true that many car insurance companies today have gone to great lengths in order to make the claims process much simpler for their customers.  Practically all of the companies in operation today provide customers or claim filers with a toll-free number in order to report their claim and speak with a customer service representative.  However, many companies now also provide you with the option of filing a claim online, but that’s typically only if you are a customer of the insurance company, rather than a claim filer who is not insured with the company.

The best thing to do is to call the number associated with the car insurance company to file your car accident claims.  When you reach a representative, they will walk you through the claims process and assign your case an adjustor.

Providing Information to the Insurance Adjustor

Depending on which insurance carrier you are working with, you will be asked to provide a variety of different documents.  However, there is a fairly standard set of information that you will be asked to provide.  Before even picking up the phone to contact the insurance company, make sure you have easy access to the following:

  • The name of the insured and their policy number
  • The date of the accident
  • The location of the accident
  • A detailed description of the accident scene
  • Your name, address, license number, and insurance information
  • Name of the law enforcement agency involved (if applicable)
  • Police Report Number (if applicable)

After Filing Your Car Accident Claims

As soon as you have filed your claim, the rest of the process should be fairly simple, but this will depend upon the insurance carrier and the type of claim you’ve submitted.  If the insurance adjustor assigned to your case isn’t clear about the kind of settlement you can expect, get as much information as possible before agreeing to any settlement.  And if something doesn’t seem fair to you, speak up and let your concerns be heard.  Remember, the goal of the insurance adjustor is to try and offer you the least amount possible for your settlement.  If you don’t believe that you are getting fair treatment when it comes to your auto insurance claim, you may need to involve a Portland car accident attorney who can negotiate with the adjuster on your behalf.