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April Fundraiser for Police Veteran Reminds Us – Life Can Change in an Instant

Accidents happen. Not matter who you are, what you do, or how healthy you might be, an accident can derail your life, changing things forever. That’s just what happened to 20-year Portland Police veteran Paul Meyer. Paralyzed in what The Oregonian characterized as a “freak accident”, Meyer has gone from being an active Portland police officer to needing assistance to accomplish the simple tasks of life that most of us take for granted.

Meyer was injured during a police ATV training exercise when a 110-foot portion of a dead Douglas fir feel on him as he travelled along a remote trail, resulting in Meyer being paralyzed from the waist down. Featured in a recent article in The Oregonian announcing an April fundraiser being held to assist Meyer’s family with the retro-fitting of their home to accommodate his needs, Meyer disclosed that while he has difficult days and misses being able to engage in physical activities with his sons, he is thankful to have survived the ordeal. The Portland injury lawyers at DuBois Law Group want to take this opportunity to express their appreciation of Meyer’s service to the City and wish him and his family well as they enter this new chapter of their lives.

Stories like that of Paul Meyer remind us that life can change in an instance. An unfortunate misstep, a wrong turn, or a mistake can result in serious injury, causing physical and emotional challenges that most of us never contemplate or plan for. But how do you know when it’s time to seek assistance from a Portland injury lawyer? Of course, when negligence by another leads to catastrophic injury as in the case of Paul Meyer, seeking legal assistance is most definitely warranted. However, in the case of minor injuries, if you are persistent enough and assertive enough, you may be able to get the compensation you deserve on your own.

In the case of serious injury, though, the Portland injury lawyers at DuBois Law Group highly suggest that you get legal assistance with your insurance claim as well as with any type of personal injury lawsuit you might want to file against the at-fault party. Since serious injury claims usually involve significant financial challenges, complicated situations, and often uncooperative insurance providers, having an experienced injury lawyer represent you just makes good sense. Having legal representation can often sway an insurance provider to take your claim seriously and offer more in the way of compensation than it would when you file the claim yourself because a lawsuit is rarely a profitable situation for the insurer. Insurance companies aren’t in the habit of offering the maximum amount of compensation available unless forced to do so.

Some Oregon personal injury negligence claims require a 180-day notice to the defendant that you plan to pursue a lawsuit. Should you miss that deadline, you could lose the right to pursue your claim at all. In addition, claims brought against government entitles, both state and federal, require special notice and filing requirements. Involving Portland injury lawyers in your claim early on will assure that you don’t miss any filing deadlines, don’t get short-changed with a low compensation settlement, and don’t have to second-guess if you are really getting a fair settlement. Your time is better spent taking care of your injury and leaving the legal work to professionals skilled at dealing with insurance companies and personal injury litigation matters.

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