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Year: 2014

Back to School Safety

With children traveling to and from school starting this month, it is important to keep an eye out for them while driving.  The accident rates with children as pedestrians or bicyclists tend to go up during back-to-school and we want to make sure Oregonians are safe during this time of year.

How to Take a Dog Bite Case to Small Claims Court

Many dog-bite disputes never make it court due to negotiations between the injured person and the dog owner or insurance company.  If you were injured by a dog, there are a few different options you have to take the case to court.  Small claims court is typically recommended because in most states you can sue… read more

How to Choose the Right Witness for Your Accident Claim

Having the right witness can make or break your accident claim.  The presence of third party witnesses and their credibility is crucial to your claim. One of the first questions the insurance company will ask about filing a claim is if there were any witnesses present besides the drivers.  The insurance adjuster will want to… read more

East Portland Plans to Add 18 Pedestrian Beacons

As the new school year begins, officials gathered at Southeast 113th and Stark Street for the new installation of pedestrian flashing beacons at five busy Portland intersections. These five are the first of 18 new beacons to be installed for a $1.9 million project to address pedestrian safety in East Portland. When a pedestrian pushes… read more