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East Portland Plans to Add 18 Pedestrian Beacons

As the new school year begins, officials gathered at Southeast 113th and Stark Street for the new installation of pedestrian flashing beacons at five busy Portland intersections.

These five are the first of 18 new beacons to be installed for a $1.9 million project to address pedestrian safety in East Portland. When a pedestrian pushes the button, the beacons flash yellow encouraging drivers to stop for them to cross. This beacon project is being funded by the state general fun dollars.

The full list of intersections where beacons will be installed is below:

SE 120th Ave & Foster Rd

NE 141st Ave & Glisan St

NE 122nd Ave & Stephens St

SW 112nd Ave & Oregon St

NE Halsey St & 106th Ave

NE Weidler St & 106th Ave

NE Glisan St & 117th Ave

NE Halsey St & 105th Ave

122nd Ave & NE Stanton

SE Division St & 105th Ave

SE 122nd Ave & Boise St

SE Division St & 165th Ave

SE Stark St & 142nd Ave

NE Halsey St & NE 140th Ave

SE Stark St & 151st Ave

NE Glisan St & 130th Pl

The city hopes to see a reduction in pedestrian and car accidents around these busy intersections.