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The Dangers of Tired Drivers

One of the most dangerous drivers on the road isn’t the aggressive driver or even the distracted driver. One of the most dangerous drivers on the road is the tired driver. About 17% of road fatalities have been attributed to a tired driver, but little is done to keep people aware of the dangers of tired driving.

Drunk driving campaigns create awareness and help reduce the number of drunk driving fatalities by giving people alternatives. The same can’t be said for tired drivers, because the problem is so widespread. According to AAA, nearly 1/3 of drivers struggled to keep their eyes open behind the wheel at one point in the last thirty days.

Unfortunately, all it takes is a second.  Dozing off for even a moment behind the wheel can and has resulted in life changing accidents. Drivers should make a point always being alert behind the wheel by;

  • Leaving plenty of time to travel, to avoid rushing or not getting enough sleep
  • Limit driving to times you wouldn’t normally be sleeping. The road might be emptier at 3 am, but your body might be programmed to think it should be asleep, making travel at that time riskier
  • Don’t rely on caffeine. Coffee might give a temporary boost, but it is no match for a tired driver on a monotonous drive
  • Don’t travel alone. If you need to take long trips, get a driving buddy to help with the driving and make sure you don’t doze off.

A tired driver will have slower reaction times and poorer vision than a well-rested driver. Instead of risking the drive, get the right amount of rest so you can make it to your destination safely. If you find yourself in an accident, reach out to our Portland accident lawyers today.