Businesses That Fail to Warn Consumers May Be Liable

When manufacturers or sellers fail to warn a consumer about potential dangers associated with using their product, those failures are known as marketing defects. The laws surrounding proving a product liability case are complex, and Portland product liability lawyers are frequently called upon when liability is denied. To begin with, marketing defects are not the […]

Dangers of Playtime and Toy Recalls

Playtime should be a time of learning, fun, and joy for children – but that time can become dangerous and even deadly if children are exposed to toys that are poorly manufactured. Since 2008, parents across America have become well aware of the dangers of seemingly innocent toys as the news of child injuries caused […]

Ford Expanding Recall of F-150 Pickup Trucks

Ford Motor Co. is expanding a recall of the popular F-150 pickup truck to include about 1.2 million vehicles because it was found that front seat airbags could deploy without the vehicle being involved in a collision. A recent story in the Los Angeles Times stated that federal safety regulators reveal at least 269 incidents, […]

FDA Provides Centralized Recall Website

It seems almost weekly that we turn on the news only to be greeted with the announcement that there is another recall of food or other products due to safety concerns. Over the recent years Americans have had to deal with many recalls on products purchased by companies they felt they could trust. These companies […]

Ford Recall Alert: Faulty Switch Can Spark Fires Causing Injuries

Date: November 4, 2009 A McMinnville, Oregon man whose SUV exploded into flames on October 27, 2009, told that he was never notified about a Ford Motor Company recall on the vehicle. Robert Howard said he found the information online, after his vehicle spontaneously caught fire in his driveway. He was shocked to discover […]