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FDA Provides Centralized Recall Website

It seems almost weekly that we turn on the news only to be greeted with the announcement that there is another recall of food or other products due to safety concerns. Over the recent years Americans have had to deal with many recalls on products purchased by companies they felt they could trust. These companies have exposed their consumers to dangerous goods and are liable for any injury incurred.

The government, specifically the FDA, has created a website to arm the American people with all pertinent information about recent recalls. Recalls.gov has recall information from all product regulatory government agencies available on one website, making each topic easy to navigate. Under the categories you can find your way to the main agency website or you have the option to receive email updates on recalls and even report a possible problem with a product.

Portland liability lawyers like the ones at DuBois Law Group know how to help victims of defective products, and are ready to take action against companies that let dangerous products onto the market. If you see a product you bought recently on the new FDA Recall site, and you have had related health problems, contact an attorney to see if there is compensation available.