New Study on Tires Reveals Surprising Financial Impact

How much pressure should there be in your vehicle’s tires? Should the front tires have the same pressure as the rear? How can you tell if there’s not enough tread left on your tires to drive safely? Are under inflated tires really a bad thing, and if so, why? A recent Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) […]

When to Make a Personal Injury Claim for an At-Work Accident

Most people believe that if they’ve been injured in an accident at work, their only viable recourse of recovering damages is through workers’ compensation. While this is true in many cases, it’s also true that a number of exceptions to this rule exist that would allow the worker to sue for damages by making a […]

Recent Auto Recalls Concern Defective Auto Injury Lawyers

With the amount of research and development that takes place before any vehicle is launched onto the market, it’s surprising the number of recalls that take place. A defective auto injury lawyer recently expressed concern over the high number of safety issues that had necessitated cars being called back into dealers for repairs. More than […]

Dangers of Using Car Voice Controls Concern Car Injury Lawyers

More and more automobile manufacturers are adding voice controls to their vehicles as standard equipment, but Oregon car injury lawyers are asking the question, “Are you really safer talking to your car than you are to, say, someone at the other end of a phone?” According to some recently published statistics, the answer may very […]

Defective Drugs Take Toll on Los Angeles Patients

Pharmaceuticals have provided countless people with relief from life-threatening and serious illnesses, but not all prescribed medications are created equal. In the past decade a shocking number of people have reported being prescribed and taking medications which have directly contributed to serious injuries, occasionally many times more dangerous than their initial health problem. Los Angeles […]

Portland Auto Defect Lawyers Support Fines Against Car Companies

Hundreds of people lose their lives on Oregon roads every year. Every loss of life is highly regrettable, of course, but Portland auto defect lawyers have become increasingly frustrated at the number of road deaths caused by malfunctioning vehicles that give occupants little or no chance of escaping serious injury or death in the event […]

Portland Toxic Chemical Injury Attorneys and Claims

It may come as something of a surprise to many people, but Oregon employees working with toxic chemicals have been proven to be working with unacceptable risks for many years. Portland toxic chemical injury attorneys have frequently been called upon to represent people who have been seriously affected by an unacceptable level of toxic risks […]

Defective Airbags Can Cause Actionable Injuries

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, cars are becoming safer as each new model is introduced. New and improved safety devices are now standard equipment on even the most basic compact car, and in larger luxury and family models and SUV’s, you’d be forgiven for thinking you could drive your vehicle off a cliff without […]